One of the products we use everyday, and generally don’t think twice about, is the toothbrush. All toothbrushes are pretty much able to do the job but some are better than others. And in 2022, quite a few of them are electric or considered smart.

Which are the best and/or the most efficient for the job of cleaning our teeth? Today we are going to look at a relatively unknown brand, Soocas, and compare its Spark to the more widely known Philips One. Which one will be the best bang for your buck? Read on to learn more about what I thought of the two.

Soocas Spark

The Soocas Spark is packed in a very minimalistic box. Things were tightly packed and included only the essentials and a bit of padding. Inside the box are the toothbrush, a Type-C charging cord, and a travel case.

The base and the brush attachment felt very solid in hand and it was quite easy to assemble. The travel case felt a little flimsy, to me, at first but after using it a couple times I felt more comfortable with it. Despite the fact that it only covers the brush part of the toothbrush and the power button, it felt adequate for the job at hand.

The Soocas Spark charges in two hours and its battery should last up to 40 days on a single charge. There is a ring light on the toothbrush that lets you know when it needs to be charged again so you won’t be caught without power.

The unit has two different brushing modes (Gentle/Cleaning) which are both accessed by hitting the power button once or twice in the first 10 seconds of operation.

There is also a built-in smart timer for a two minute duration that will briefly pause every 30 seconds letting you know to move on to the next area of your mouth to clean.

The Soocas Spark has a waterproof rating of IPX8 and a 30,000 vibrations/minute sonic motor. I was very happy with the performance of the Soocas Spark and my teeth felt extra clean after every use.

Philips One

The Philips One also comes with the toothbrush, a Type-C charging cord, and a travel case. The toothbrush had easy assembly and a solid feel to the build of it.

The travel case had a solid design to it but this one houses more of the toothbrush than just the head. Rather, you place the toothbrush into it face down and the button is protected from being accidentally pressed while traveling.

The Philips One charges in approximately eight hours and holds its charge for 30 days on a single charge. There is one brushing mode but it’s enough to fulfill your basic brushing needs.

There is also a built-in smart timer for two minutes that briefly stops in 30 second intervals to let you know to move on to the next part of your mouth. The Philips One has a waterproof rating of IPX7 and a 13,000 vibrations/minute hollow cup motor. This toothbrush also left me quite satisfied after each use.


Both the Soocas Spark and the Philips One are great, affordable toothbrushes and work well for consumers looking for an entry-level “smart” device. The Soocas Spark gets the edge for me as it seems to offer a more well-rounded package and comes in ten dollars cheaper: The Soocas Spark runs $29.99 while the Philips One typically comes in at $39.99.

Both are affordable and worth your money but the Soocas Spark has slightly more to offer. As of today both are discounted a bit, perhaps likely as part of holiday sales.

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