Withings Body Scan

From the pioneers of smart scale technology, Withings just announced its next revolutionary device. Withings Body Scan will give you the ability to track daily biomarkers associated with common health conditions.

Body Scan enables you to monitor body composition based on different body parts, as well as your heart rate, and determine your vascular age. Using a 6-lead ECG (14 ITO electrodes in the platform and an additional 4 electrodes in the handle), Body Scan goes beyond weight management. This is unprecedented in-home technology.

Body Scan is made of a single high-strength tempered glass platform with a retractable handle. You get year-long battery life and a 3.2-inch LCD display.

Withings designed the Body Scan to be extremely precise. It is accurate to 0.1 pounds or within 50 grams. Using the electrodes placed in the base and the handle, Body Scan will use multi-frequency Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) to measure your full body composition. You will see the measurements for whole-body fat, water percentage, visceral fat, muscle mass, bone mass, extracellular and intracellular water, as well as provide readings for individual body parts including the torso, arms, and legs.

Body Scan works by sending a small electrical signal from the electrodes through your body. Then, depending on how slow or fast that signal travels, the Withings scientific algorithm will display your results.

Body Scan standing

Nerve assessment

Body Scan can also track your sweat gland activity in the feet to provide a daily assessment of small nerve activity. It will deliver a score based on the results for you to track your progress. The Withings app will also provide access to insights and personalized plans based on your score.

Heart health

By checking your heart rate, ECG recordings, and vascular age, Body Scan will be able to give you an accurate depiction of your overall heart health. Using the Withings algorithm, it can check for atrial fibrillation.  You will receive an assessment of arterial health and overall wellness. You can compare those results to what is expected for your age.

Body Scan side

Additional Body Scan information

In addition to the accurate readings from the Body Scan, Withings is taking things a step further. You will be able to leverage the readings in combination with Withings subscription service to receive in-app access to medical professionals.

You will get information regarding nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management, as well as personalized health plans.

Body Scan is expected in the 2nd half of 2022, following FDA clearance. It will come in black and white and give you a 3-month subscription to Withings health and wellness programs.

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