Social media needs to introduction to anyone who actively uses the internet. More than 4.5 billion people in the world use the internet. Nearly 4 billion of those users are active on a social media platform. There are many social media platforms that are available today. One of the most popular out of those is Instagram.

Instagram was founded in 2010 and over a billion social media users are active on it. One of the biggest reasons behind its popularity is it being a visual content-based platform. Users share their lives through photos and videos and follow their favourite people too. Instagram is surely a great app but not the only one. Here are 5 more apps like Instagram that you should be using.


While Instagram has a good number of users it is still considerably low in comparison to Facebook. With over 2.5 billion users, Facebook is the biggest social media network today. In fact, Instagram is now owned by Facebook. As a result, they share some common aspects like the stories. The major difference between the two is that Facebook allows text-only posts. Despite that, you can choose to follow pages and accounts that share visual content which makes it a great alternative to IG. Facebook has recently incorporated the ” Going Live ” feature on the platform and we might see more Insta-like features in the future. Facebook’s Groups and Messenger are two key elements that you do not find on Instagram on top of that. Facebook has two apps for itself and the messenger along with two Lite versions of both.


Reddit was founded in 2005 and today it has over 430 million users. Dubbed as the front page of the internet, Reddit is one of the most unique social media networks. Reddit can be described as a social aggregator. Everything meaningful that happens online or offline can be found on it. Reddit has countless small communities where its users are divided. They are called subreddits that are created for specific genres, niches, and topics. It ranges from memes to politics to conspiracy theories and whatnot. The content can be in form of texts, videos, gifs, anything. If you want to learn new things or just want to pass some time, Reddit can do them both.


Pinterest was launched in 2009 and has over 400 million active users today. It is a perfect alternative to Instagram and similar to that in many aspects. Being famous on these social media platforms is a dream of everyone and the rivalry between Pinterest vs Instagram for being the best app for being famous is still a hot topic. Pinterest exceeds in this as, first of all, it is completely based on visual content like photos, videos, and gifs. You can also follow people to see what they post or like on Pinterest. The posts on here are called Pins. A collection of pins is called a “board” that you can choose to follow. The posts from the user and boards you follow will appear on your Pinterest homepage. It is used by not only users for finding recipes, designs & other ideas, but by brands for marketing as well.


Tumblr is enjoying 13 years of a good fan following, having been founded in 2007. Today it has over 475 million users and the number is only getting bigger. Tumblr is like a fusion between social media and blogging. Like Facebook and Instagram posts, you get to publish blogs here on Tumblr. It is a visual-heavy platform that allows photos, videos, and gifs but you can also make text posts on it. It is the prime favorite of bloggers as well as the young demographic of under 25 years. Tumblr is known for its mature & progressive style and content. It is often considered to be a calm and positive environment unlike most of the other platforms.


Despite being centred around by many controversies, TikTok is the fastest rising social media platform today. It was originally released in 2016 and within 4 years it had managed to create monthly traffic of over 500 million users. If you like the idea of being insta-famous, TikTok is the best and probably an easier way of getting viral online. Many users worldwide have successfully done so. It has been a Cinderella-esque story for many who have gone from being nothing to having a fan-following of millions. The content of TikTok is pretty similar to that of Instagram as well. You can not post images but videos of under a minute of length. If you use IG for entertainment, then too TikTok is the perfect alternative app.

The world has not yet settled around the debate of the pros and cons of social media. While it has certainly made networking easier, the cases of its misuse have been increasing as well. Whichever platform you use, what’s important is to use it for good. Everything you do and say on the internet can be traced back to you. With that being said, these were the 5 apps that you would love if you like Instagram.

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