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Your Android isn’t always ready for a swim. But does that mean you have to buy a new mobile after an untimely dip? 

Maybe, but maybe not. 

Check out the following steps you can take to save your waterlogged mobile, plus how to handle the replacement costs if nothing else works. 

Step #1: Remove it from Water

You’ll want to act fast and rescue your phone from the water (or other liquid) as quickly as possible. Most water-resistant phones are rated for water exposure under controlled conditions, including time. So, the longer your phone stays submerged, the higher the chance it won’t turn back on again. 

Step #2: Power Down

The next thing you’ll want to do is turn it off. If the water reached its way deep inside, this step might prevent any electrical shortages. 

Step #3: Detach Removable Components

You’ll want to remove anything that you can physically detach from your phone, including your protective case, SIM card, and even the battery if your model allows it. This will help release any trapped liquid and expose air to more of your mobile. 

Step #4: Dry Carefully

Next, you’ll want to remove any standing water left on and around your phone. Gently pat your phone and any detachable components using a microfiber cloth.

Step #5: Rest it Standing Up

Once it’s dry, let it sit undisturbed for the next 12–24 hours so that it can dry out before you turn it back on again. Make sure to orient it so that the major jacks or ports face in a way that lets trapped water drip out.

Step #6: Do Not Do Any of the Following

Ask a friend or go online and you can find miracle cures for a waterlogged phone. But many of these popular tricks do more harm good. 

  • Rice: It’s said leaving your phone in a bag of rice will help draw out the moisture. But in reality, you run the risk of getting rice and dust stuck inside. A better alternative is letting your phone dry out in a bag of silica gel packets instead. 
  • Air Compressor: Spray a can of compressed air may give you something to do, but all it does it blow water deeper into your phone. It’s better to let air and gravity do the work. 
  • Hair Dryer: A hair dryer causes the same damage as an air compressor, but the added heat can accelerate corrosion.

What to Do if These Steps Don’t Work

You can follow all the steps above and your phone still won’t work. Or, it might start to glitch a week after you revive it. In either case, it’s time to think about your options.

Option #1: Ask Around for Quotes

The bad news is, water damage isn’t usually something covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty — whether you have a Google, Samsung, or LG device. That means you’ll be paying out of pocket for any repairs. 

The good news is, not all repairs will cost the same, and you can shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal. Ask the manufacturer, your cell service provider, and any third-party repair shops near you for an estimate. 

Option #2: Finance a New Phone

Sometimes, a repair will be a quick and cheap solution. But sometimes, it’s just as expensive as getting a new mobile. In that case, you might as well make the upgrade. Talk to your cell service provider about your current contract. 

If you’ve paid off the old phone, you’ll be able to finance a replacement easily. But if you still have some charges outstanding, you might be able to balance things out by choosing an older, cheaper model.

Option #3: Buy a New Replacement

Unfortunately, if you just got your old phone, you may not have enough room on your contract or flex payment plan to finance a new one.

If you’re stuck buying a brand-new phone on your own dime, consider using an installment loan for backup. An installment loan might be an option when you need your phone for work, and you can’t possibly put off buying a new one. 

If you qualify for an installment loan, you can borrow money online to cover the cost of your mobile. Rather than paying a phone upfront out-of-pocket, you’ll have an installment loan you can pay off over multiple payments. 

To limit how big of an installment loan you need, look into refurbished or certified pre-owned models from your provider. Your provider will test these devices to ensure they run at factory standards. 

Don’t Let Your New Phone Take a Dip

Following all these steps and paying for a new phone (with or without an installment loan) isn’t easy. It takes a frustrating and potentially expensive toll on your day. So don’t let it happen again. Keep your phone away from water sources, and make sure to keep it safely zipped into a pocket whenever you’re out and about.

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