7 ways to create an app marketing strategy that really works

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So you’ve got a killer app. It ticks all the boxes, it offers something new and exciting, it’s useful, it can save users time, and it’s available on all major phone and tablet platforms. But what good is a killer app without users?

Your app marketing strategy will define the success of your idea. A clever marketing plan will show users what your app does, why people need it, and where they can download it. There are lots of ways, however, to do this. So let’s take a look at seven ways you can create an app marketing strategy that really works.

Research Your Target Market

Researching your target market should always be the first step in developing a marketing strategy because it dictates how your entire marketing efforts work. It tells you what methods of outreach are most effective by making you think about how your target market is best reached. Older users, for instance, may be easier to reach through traditional media, and younger users may be easier to reach through social media, to put it simply.

Understand your customers, their needs, and their expectations. You may do this through traditional market research and surveys, which can even be performed online. Find out your customers’ biggest pain points in apps they already use or establish how your app could prove beneficial, and you’ll know what your marketing efforts also need to address.

In short, you must:

  • Understand who you are targeting
  • Establish how your app can help that group of people
  • Know how to reach your target market

Create a Great Landing Page or Website

When someone arrives at your website, it’s a win. It means that person is genuinely interested in what you have to offer and may, ultimately, become a user or a customer. That’s why it’s so important that your website or landing page demonstrates the benefits of your product, and compels people to download your app.

Ensure your page is clean, professional-looking, and doesn’t present too much information at once. Not only can this make your page look like a spam page, but too much text immediately makes people want to leave. Keep your slogans simple, provide a few sentences of text to explain why your app is so fantastic – or better yet, use video or graphics!

Give clear calls to action, too. Have a large “Download now” button, or tell people where they can get your app, and make it as easy as possible for visitors to become customers.

Keep in Touch with Text Marketing

Landing pages also serve as a method of communicating with potential customers and establishing that line of contact that may turn them into paying customers down the line. Maintaining contact with brand new customers is also important for a couple of reasons, and if you take their phone numbers during the sign-up process, it gives you the best way to reach out. Text marketing is often overlooked, but hugely effective.

First of all, it allows you to update your customers on new features and help them get started with the app. Secondly, it makes it easier to upsell those customers with new features or additional software.

A majority of customers prefer companies to communicate via text messages, according to several studies conducted over the last few years. It’s a way of inviting potential (or existing) customers to get involved with special offers, to interact with new features, or even to upgrade their plan in as direct a way as possible. People open text messages more than they do promotional emails, and most people always have their phone in their pocket!

Outsmart Your Competitors

Even a brand-new app, offering a brand-new service, has some form of competition or may face competition in the near future. Understanding that competition, being able to perform online data analysis and knowing how to respond to new players in the market, is key to keeping your marketing fresh.

If you are offering something new, use your marketing in a way that establishes you as the authority on the service you offer. Make a direct connection between your brand and the service you offer and reinforce it in everything you do. This makes it harder for new competitors to establish the same visibility and trust. When you combine that marketing with truly exceptional customer support, too, you reinforce that trust and create a tougher barrier for entry to even some of the biggest software players.

If you already have competition…examine their marketing, look for flaws, and exploit those flaws!

Consider Your Image and Branding

You can have the best app in the world, the most reliable service, and truly exceptional customer support…but if your logo makes no sense, your website is chaotic, and our app poorly positioned in the app store, then it doesn’t mean very much.

It may feel like surface-level stuff, but your brand means a lot and is key to your marketing success. Logos, branding, imagery, and your landing page attract customers, and your service and product make them stick around.

So, make sure your logo makes sense, make sure it looks crisp, clean, and professional, and portray your professionalism in all video, graphics, and marketing text you publish.

Partner with Likeminded Brands

Partnering with brands that exist in the same professional space as you cements your reputation as a reliable, trustworthy brand with a truly useful product. If there are brands and companies that offer complementary products or services to yours, consider teaming up with them in some way or endorsing one another.

As long as their brand does not have the potential to hurt yours, a mutual endorsement attracts new customers to both sides and shows that other names take you seriously. It can also become a key part of your marketing campaign.

Optimize Your App Store Page

Finally, remember that your entry on the app store pages should look great and entice people. In some instances, this may be the first time anybody ever interacts with your brand. So be sure to keep the title clear and properly formatted, create a description that succinctly describes what your software does, and include that crisp, modern logo we talked about earlier.

Don’t forget screenshots, too! Showing people what your app looks like, and highlighting some of the features, immediately shows people that your software is easy to use and offers exactly what they need.

Sell Promises and Keep Those Promises!

All good marketing strategy boils down to selling an idea or a promise and keeping those promises. Tell people what your software does, and don’t just deliver on that…exceed their expectations!

Keep these seven simple tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to great success advertising your new app. Good luck!

EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be viewed as an editorial endorsement.

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