Best eSIM for Europe, 8 aspects to consider

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We can tell there are many options for people out there to use when it comes to eSIM. Each one of them offers different things to travelers, which is something to consider as people would love to choose the best one for them.

Therefore, we have to talk about which one is the best one, taking into consideration different aspects. For example, we can talk about data plans, how easy it is to get one, customer support, and a lot more. If this is something that you find interesting, then you have to read everything we have to say here.

What is an eSIM?

Let’s talk about what is an eSIM first. This service might be one of the people who might have the most doubts about. Before the eSIMs, we used to have SIM cards, but now we have seen a better version of it.

Nowadays, the eSIM has become a reliable service for travelers and people overall. It has changed the way people use SIM cards, making the digital era more reliable when it comes to using a way to communicate.

So, basically, an eSIM is the same as a SIM card, it gives mobile data, which is what people want to have the most when it comes to traveling. In case you want to know more about the eSIM, here you will learn everything about it.

Is the Holafly eSIM the best option for Europe?

Nowadays, there are many options out there for people to consider, the Holafly is one of the best options out there. It is fair to say this without giving many explanations, but we actually have more to say.

Reviews about Europe eSIM. Source: Trustpilot

When we talk about the Holafly service, there are many things to consider. Nowadays, Holafly offers people unlimited mobile data, good customer service, and easiness to buy eSIMs. This makes the perfect formula because of how reliable the service is.

Therefore, if you need the best eSIM for travel to Europe, we can tell you this might be the best option to consider. Do you have more doubts about what we are saying here? No worries.

We are going to give an explanation of everything people have to know about the service, so if you are interested in it, let’s see everything we can expect from using Holafly.

Characteristics to consider about the Holafly eSIM

As we move forward, we have to talk about the characteristics of the Holafly this eSIM has. As mentioned before, we will talk about the 8 characteristics the eSIM offers to travelers.

What do we have to expect from this? Well, overall performance, price, mobile data, coverage, and a lot more. So if you are planning on traveling to Europe any time soon, this is what you need to know before you actually purchase one.

Let’s see in detail each one of the eSIM characteristics, what we can expect from it, and tell why the Holafly eSIM is one of the best options.

eSIM for Europe. Source: Holafly

1.     Performance

Something that surely worries people when it comes to using a communication service is, for sure, how it will work. Also, we have to talk about how smooth the service is going to be, as there are many things that worry people.

When it comes to the eSIM for Europe, people will get 4G connections in most countries, which is something pretty impressive to know. The speed is not going to disappoint us at all, and that’s a great thing to know.

Also, the performance will depend on the agreement the company has with the local operator, but overall, Holafly has amazing alliances with different mobile operators to give proper coverage in most cases.

As for what we can do with the 4G connection, there are many things to do, such as streaming, videos, and a lot more!

2.     Price

Let’s talk about prices. We do know that when using a service, the price is something we will truly worry about.

As for Europe, there are many options we can consider. Prices offered by Holafly begin at $19 up to $99, and they all give unlimited mobile data for people to use. Time also varies from a few days to up to three months with the most expensive option.

3.     eSIM data plans

Another aspect we can’t forget about the eSIM comes with the fact of how much mobile data people will receive with the service they decide to use.

As for the Holafly eSIMs, we are glad to tell you they are all unlimited. Therefore, people won’t have to buy more than one when traveling, just the one it suits better their budget!

4.     Coverage

Another thing we have to consider when using an eSIM comes without a doubt the coverage. We know that without proper coverage, things will surely be a bit hard for travelers. Not being able to communicate is for sure one of the worst things people can come across.

But, that’s not something we will see with the Holafly service. As for now, this eSIM has coverage in over 30 different European destinations, and that’s something quite impressive for us to mention.

More than that, it also works outside the European Union. Therefore, no need to worry about the coverage.

5.     Compatibility

Something we can’t forget to mention here is the fact of which devices can people use when it comes to using an eSIM. As this is a somehow brand new technology, the eSIM mostly works in last-gen devices.

Cellphones such as the iPhone 13, for giving example, are perfect for using an eSIM. But we can also use it with other brands, such as Samsung, Google Pixel, Huawei, and some others.

The last thing to consider is the fact people must have an open-band device otherwise the eSIM won’t work.

6.     Purchase process

Now, let’s talk about the purchase process. As we are talking about the Holafly eSIM, this is the one we will focus on.

People will simply need to go to the company website, choose where they are traveling, and follow a few steps to complete the purchase. No need to create an account, an email will be more than enough to complete the process. Overall, it shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes for the process to be done.

7.     Installation process

Once you have the eSIM on your email, you have to install it on your cellphone. And therefore, activate it as well.

People will receive a QR code on the email they used when making the purchase of the eSIM, and besides that, there’s no need to worry about anything else.

8.     Activation process

To complete the activation process, at least with the Holafly eSIM, people will only need two things.

The first one will be an internet connection to complete the process, and the second one is to scan the QR code. Other than that, there’s nothing else to worry about. Once you are traveling, by activating the roaming service, it will all be completed.

Final recommendations

Now that we have reached this point, there are a few things to consider. The recommendation that is a must for us to give is to beware that eSIMs don’t give people a cellphone number when traveling, so that’s something people must think about.

Still, there are other options, such as international SIM cards to avoid this issue. Other than that, you are ready to enjoy the eSIM service we just talked about!

EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be considered an editorial endorsement

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