Here’s how to really identify calls (and block them too)

Caller ID

2021 has served as a not so friendly reminder that we’re in fact not as invincible as we thought ourselves to be – that we still need to continue coming out with advanced technologies to protect ourselves. And when it comes to communication? Well, the same thing goes. This is where CallApp comes in, a free Android app here to ensure that calls are REALLY identified, and blocked too when needed. 

The Most Advanced Caller ID: Identify AND Verify Numbers 

With the world’s largest phone number database and even the ability to verify numbers against Caller ID spoofing, CallApp offers the most advanced Caller ID technology yet. This app can identify just about any number out there, and even those that aren’t saved as a contact, ensuring that you can always know who’s calling. 

Protecting Yourself Has Never Been So Easy 

While it’s of course, important to know who’s calling before you answer – what if you could prevent unwanted calls from coming in from the get-go? Well, with CallApp you really can block spam, scam, telemarketers and literally any other number that you don’t want to be hearing from in just a simple click.  Protecting yourself against dangerous calls has never been so easy! 

Disclaimer: This Call Is Being Recorded 

Another impressive feature built-in to the CallApp software is Call Recording – the ability to record all of your calls without thinking twice.  Never miss an important detail of a call again or prove yourself right during a disagreement about what was actually said. 

Your Phone, Your Call 

CallApp allows you to make the call for every call (in more ways than one).  The app offers a wide variety of unique and fun customization features in order to really make your phone your own and decide exactly how every aspect of your communication experience is going to appear.  One of the most notable customization features offered by CallApp are video ringtones, allowing you to set any video of your choice as your ringtone (with even a different one for each contact). 

Time Is Money: Save It

It’s always a good time to save time. That’s why CallApp is here to make sure that your communication experience is as efficient and as productive as can be.  AI features such as personalized missed call reminders as well as the ability to perform any action in just a click are just a few of the many ways CallApp can save you time. 

Insightful Insights 

CallApp’s AI Analytics & Insights feature offers some seriously insightful insights into your communication behavior, showing you exactly how your time is being spent. This data is specially put together for each individual user and can serve as a useful mirror into what you couldn’t see yourself. 

View Who Viewed You 

One of the newest additions to CallApp, the ‘Who Viewed My Profile’ feature allows you to see who viewed your profile and will even notify you instantly about it too! 

Here To Back You Up

If you want to save your files such as your recorded calls, contacts or maybe even the ringtones you’ve made – you can easily backup them up with CallApp without downloading another app.  

The VIP Treatment 

While CallApp is a free app, they also offer a Premium package that offers access to all advanced features as well as an ad-free experience.  If you’re not looking to spend money though, but rather to get more brownie points from your friends, you’ll surely be excited about the Refer & Earn program.  Invite them to download CallApp and earn yourself a Premium subscription free of charge! 

Download CallApp now for free! 

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