Honest software reviews to help companies save billions

Over $30 billion is lost in the US alone on abandoned or unused software. But how much does underused or abandoned software cost American businesses? The 1E research, which includes 3.6 million seats and 1,800 software titles from 129 top organizations, reveals severe wastage in this sector. On average, companies waste 37 percent of their software budgets, a figure considered unacceptable in any industry.

The cost of this waste is enormous – $30 billion is lost in IT expenses in the United States alone. According to the Borgen Project, this amount is enough to eradicate global hunger. It is quite surprising to learn that the financial effect of software waste is just the tip of the iceberg. While the financial consequences are severe in the near term, the cost to a company’s health may be much higher. So, why aren’t corporations doing anything to reduce waste?

The corporations are not doing anything because they don’t have access to authentic information, which is only possible with an honest software review platform. The unpaid, organic software reviews can transform this waste into valuable investments. When businesses are aware of the software that is appropriate for them, they can save money and invest more in innovative technologies that will keep their competitors at bay.

Moreover, choosing the right software can be a pillar of a business’s success. The United States has the most startups (71,153), yet only 40% of them are successful, and software selection significantly affects their success.

As the business environment is highly dynamic, technologies tend to become obsolete quickly. Businesses must keep an eye on the software reviews to grab the opportunity to invest in the appropriate software and beat the competition early in the game.

Furthermore, the benefits of choosing the right software are huge, including:

  • Improved work efficiency
  • Increased speed and accuracy
  • Greater return on investment (RoI)
  • Effective business management
  • Enhanced customer relationship

Ending the wastage of money on unused software is imperative for businesses at present to quickly move a step ahead of the competitors. Businesses and individuals can do this by choosing the right software with the help of an honest software review platform. Tekpon is a one-stop solution, a software marketplace, which provides honest and organic software reviews to help businesses choose the appropriate software and save money.

Tekpon is a software marketplace that assists in locating the best software for commercial and personal requirements. It emerges as a strategic solution to the software waste issue. Businesses may reduce software waste by using Tekpon’s goal of being “the sole marketplace where you can discover honest evaluations of every accessible software.” Furthermore, it tackles this issue by linking consumers with sellers who have already tried and tested the software.

Businesses and individuals can analyze popular software categories on Tekpon to find the best fit for their requirements from a broad range. An organization can quickly identify the appropriate software for its unique requirements instead of spending money on unproductive software. 

The Tekpon team strives to achieve this goal by educating users about various technologies, their success, and why businesses should use them. By undertaking this step, Tekpon intends to assist both big and small businesses to become successful by saving money and making smart investments in useful and sustainable solutions.

A business can discover unbiased reviews of new, popular, and even old software on the Tekpon platform. One can’t choose the right software for their business unless they do a comparative analysis of different software reviews. Tekpon aims to assist users and businesses in making the best decision by providing honest, unbiased, and organic reviews of different software.

A single reference point is useful, particularly when several alternatives are available. Tekpon provides that one point of reference by compiling evaluations of every accessible software. It invites users to share experiences to assist other users who are unsure which product to purchase.

The only constant in the rapidly-changing world is change itself. Tekpon aims to help companies adapt to this volatile situation. With the correct software, companies can save a lot of money and time while focusing on the most critical aspects of their businesses. 

Tekpon’s list is regularly expanding as they want to become the major software aggregator where users can simply locate their answers. From exclusive discounts and industry insights to honest reviews, businesses and individuals can find everything in place on Tekpon’s platform.

Tekpon’s tutorials like: “How to choose the best software packages?” or “How to utilize software subscriptions to save money?” help businesses and individuals to make the right decisions. With authentic software evaluations by genuine users, Tekpon helps its users to buy appropriate software and achieve their goals.

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