How to unblock Telegram if it is banned by the government

Telegram is one of the most popular messengers in the Eastern European world, which is gaining more and more popularity in many other countries of the world. Created by Pavel Durov, this messenger aims to deliver its users the privacy they seek for. While other messengers, supposedly, give out the largest part of personal information shared among the users, Telegram claims to keep it private. 

There’s something particular about Telegram and how it works. The use of their own secure messaging protocol might have a lot to do with data safety and privacy. However, some experts say that such technology doesn’t give the aspired freedom and privacy. 

As we now know, Telegram was developed as a tool for “safe” messaging – which means that your data is supposed to be protected. It’s also known that the governments, to varying degrees, like to keep social networks and domestic internet activity under control. Considering what we now know about Telegram policies and about how our data is pretty much needed by the government, it may be concluded that Telegram isn’t beneficial for the governments of those countries, where multiple issues, like terrorism and the spread of propaganda exist. These are main reasons for some to block Telegram.

There’s not much we can do about it, BUT, luckily, we have a good old VPN to come and save us. With it you are free to use Telegram in any country of the world. On this list, we’ve gathered all of the best VPN options that will serve you faithfully.

For those who don’t know how Virtual Private Networks work, the algorithm can be explained in just a few words. It’s not that complicated at all. You basically make two taps on buttons in the app and in a matter of seconds the app connects you to the server, which provides your device with a new IP address and, as a consequence, internet freedom. With VPN enabled, you can easily unblock Telegram and access Netflix, Hulu, and watch football results on Buaksib.

Technically, what happens is that the VPN establishes safe connection between your device and the messenger you are using through a secure server, which makes it impossible to track your online activity.

Is there any other way to unblock Telegram?

VPN is a very quick and comfortable tool to bypass restrictions, which makes your Internet activity private in two clicks. It is also very easy in use, so you won’t have to sit for 3 hours, trying to figure out how to connect to another server. It’s good both for rookies and those, who know a plenty of the information on how to bypass restrictions. Another good solution is using a proxy server which Telegram has a native support for. In some cases, and for some people it can be even better than using VPN. Just check the list of proxies and pic the right country where you want to have your access point to be located.

What’s more, some services offer free trial or even the mode of free use (the amount of servers to choose from in this case is limited). Even though we suggest getting paid services for better quality and higher speed, some people might still find the possibility of free use, handy.

VPNs are extremely useful things for Telegram as much as for any other social networks and websites, which need unblocking. So, by downloading a VPN, you get a universal tool that can solve many of your problems. But also, be sure to only use legit services and never install anything on your PC without having a good antivirus on it. Check the latest antivirus review and offers at Antivirusly. Some antiviruses also have a built in function of VPN but they are not so technically advanced like the VPN market leaders.

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