Software developer iMobie makes a stable of Windows tools to help you maintain, fix, and stabilize your mobile phones. Among its portfolio of options is a tool called DroidKit which features a very specific skillset for removing Android’s factory reset protection on Samsung  devices.

What is DroidKit?

DroidKit is a desktop app that helps you navigate some situations that may arise as an Android user. These include factory reset protection (FRP) bypass, screen unlocker, recovery of lost photos or messages, and even the random black screen some Samsung devices can have.

This toolkit makes working with these issues a thing of the past. DroidKit packs all these fixes into an intuitive, well design package for you to use on your Windows or Mac computer. In less than 20 minutes you can be back to using your phone like nothing was ever wrong in most cases.

What is FRP Bypass?

There are a few instances where FRP bypass can come in handy. If you have kids, you know that sometimes that added layer of security might get in the way. Maybe they forgot their new Google account credentials, or unintentionally locked themselves out of their Google account. This leads to a parental headache of how to get back access to this device if you need to reset the unit.

Another opportunity to need FRP bypass is the secondhand Android market. Many small businesses struggle to provide users with a handset that may be improperly reset at times. eBay is full of such devices that are not stolen but may be locked from previous users for a variety of reasons. Many could take the gamble on this heavily discounted device on marketplaces, but don’t have the means to properly remove the FRP.

iMobie built DroidKit to streamline this process for Android phones, and more specifically Samsung devices. It’s worth noting that the company only guarantees DroidKit for Samsung models, but it may work for others. This Windows application is far easier to get going for FRP removal than any other methods we’ve found.

Screen Unlocker

Another common issue you may run into with Android devices is screen locks. Sometimes we have a scenario where you’ve been unceremoniously locked out of your device. This can be caused by several reasons. Did your kid enter the incorrect password too many times? Did you recently change the passcode to something you thought you’d remember but now you can’t?

Under any of these root causes, DroidKit can have you back into your device in no time. By following a few prompts, the software suite will help you reset your passcode back to something user-friendly in under 20 minutes.

Data recovery is another issue in the modern tech world. There are times we just mistakenly delete or remove things from our phones that we later want to keep. DroidKit has an excellent solution for this as well.

Whether it’s old archived messages from popular options, photos, or even deleted calendar events, DroidKit may be able to recover them. Using several options for quick, deep, or external recovery, the toolkit searches your config files for possible solutions to reinstate your files back to the original state.

System Fix

Lastly, computers don’t always cooperate. Similar to the “blue screen of death” on PCs, our smartphones can lock up or present weird screens from time to time. Using DroidKit System Fix is just as dead simple as the other solutions.

Following a few on-screen prompts should have you back to a functional device in no time. If DroidKit can’t fix your issue, you’ve at least removed some doubts that it’s software related. It may be time to move on to the conclusion that the issue is a hardware-related failure.


DroidKit offers a nice suite of features that can come in handy for a variety of Android software problems. The program toolkit covers most of the common issues users can run across and offers a well-laid-out solution for both Windows and Mac computers.

Pricing also gives you flexibility. You can unlock each individual DroidKit fix ranging from $20 to $40 depending on which tool you need. If you’d rather have the full chest, then you can currently get the entire suite for a year for just $70.

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