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2020 was quite a challenging year for all of us. The pandemic has claimed many lives, and the worst was yet to be seen when coronavirus ended up into deadlier versions of itself. Amidst this growing era of trouble & significant disruption, we came to a time where innovation went through leaps & bounds and acquired more effective solutions for the future. Technology, as we observe, is not anymore the same as we once used to perceive it. Thanks to research performed by thought leaders such as Jason Hope, we have learned a lot about some of the most transformative technologies which will shape the very future.

In all this, we often wonder what defines the next age, and how will it open new doors for the world? What will define the next normal? Let’s explore from the lens of Jason Hope, the thought leader of our time.

Wearables for Boosting Productivity

Today wearables are providing us the ability to track our physical health easily. We can store that information and view it later to address our health concerns or our athletic performances. With real-time notifications, wearables can provide us insight into all our daily activities and set reminders that can serve us as a source of motivation & high-end encouragement to do things accordingly.

Among the many leading benefits of wearables, they also help in establishing effective communication. As Jason Hope states, effective communication in retails will eventually cut down on repetitive tasks. He also reveals that there’s a company called Theatro which is working on a unique voice-recognition technology to help learn about stock levels more effectively in retail businesses.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

As Jason Hope reveals that Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the first of its kind technology that helps businesses automate many important processes. Many organizations are leveraging the power of RPA tools to create seamless interactions within digital systems. RPA is assisting enterprises in completing complex tasks and create worthwhile solutions. Modern solutions like artificial intelligence & machine learning can further increase the ease of transactions. They can help people associated with a particular business to communicate by sending quick responses through emails easily.

Back in the day, one would have easily said that RPA is a form of technology more abundantly used in the financial sector. Fast forward to the present. Its applications are almost in every other industry.

Blockchain & Its Remarkable Implementations

Many organizations are still struggling with clearing up the concept of blockchain in the growing market. There’s a vast misconception that blockchain is all about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. As per Jason Hope, blockchain’s application far extends beyond just being a digital currency for exchange. It is a private ledger where you can store up valuable information in a blockchain format.

Nowadays, many organizations are making use of blockchain technology. With blockchains, organizations are now more capable of storing and securing information, processes, and many other business secrets.

Blockchain technology allows them to perform secure transactions.

Simultaneously, it makes data immutable which ensures that nobody can change the information at any cost. All of this ensures the maximum security of your information which makes blockchain worthwhile.

Introduction to Edge Computing

We live in an interconnected world where everything we do is dependent on robust cloud infrastructures.

With the advent of Amazon, Google GCE, and many other cloud environments, the interaction between systems & people have become incredibly seamless but has it become as seamless as one expected it to be? In a growing era, where everything is transforming at an incredible pace, the data transactions in businesses give birth to better requirements of the Internet.

As Jason Hope suggests, by introducing Edge Computing in their business environments, organizations can simply bridge the gap between devices and hyper-scale cloud transactions. With more robust modes of information transfers, computing networks can easily bypass high latencies. As a result, people in organizations find themselves working easily in a “connectivity issue-free” environment.

Jason Hope says 5G On the Horizon

We are all quite aware of the 3G and 4G technology and how it has impacted the business world, but the next age is all about advancement. With the 5G technology making to the Horizon, its applications go beyond our perceptions. They aim to deliver us high multi-Gbps data speeds, ultra-low latency with high-end reliability. It holds the power of adjusting massive network capacity and delivers increased availability.

As Jason Hope explains, 5G technology is dramatically revolutionizing our lives. As we move into the future, our need for speed becomes more imminent. With Stadia and Nvidia GeForce Now, brands enable us to have an incredible gaming experience without owning an expensive machine. All we ever need to play our favorite AAA titles is a stable high-speed, low-latency Internet connection. Here’s exactly what a 5G can offer to you in a cloud-based gaming model. Jason Hope further sheds light on the fact that this technology won’t only be limited to gaming, but its application will go far beyond that. People who want more robust security solutions at their firms will have the ability to connect CCTV cameras with HD results at their organizations. 5G will also power up smart grid systems in the retail sector.

Jason Hope on How Space Tourism Will Become a Thing

Space Tourism wasn’t something that you could’ve imagined a few years back.

However, now, we have companies like SpaceX and Virgin Galactic working on ideas to create the perfect space tourism for interested customers. Space tourism isn’t a thing of the past as more companies are now investing in creating technologies that will soon allow people to visit space and view Earth just like we see the moon or the sun from our planet. People would have the liberty to experience the calmness and the soothing environment and totally cut off from the noise pollution of this world.

Jason Hope suggests how this is all possible in one of his Medium publications. He discusses how brilliant minds like Elon Musk of the present era are taking leaps & bounds to make it all happen.

Jason Hope is a futurist who walks with the passion of giving back to his community.

Here’s an article that helps you to take a look into the future from the lens of Jason Hope. Are you interested in learning more about newer technology implementations? We would love to hear from you.

EDITOR NOTE: This is a promoted post and should not be considered an editorial endorsement

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