Save big on the Viomi V3 Max Robot Vacuum this season

Save up to $200 on the new smart vacuum cleaner

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Cleaning the home, and vacuuming in particular, is one of those things that we should do more often but for whatever reason we do not. We tend to use random excuses to get out of running the sweeper or cleaning the floor. And now that we’re in the darker and colder months, we tend to shut down as soon as we hit the door after a day of work.

If the idea of walking around the home and using a traditional upright vacuum on a regular basis gives you pause, it’s definitely time to purchase a robot vacuum. Not only are they willing to do the work for you, they’re often better at covering more ground and getting into the corners.

The Viomi V3 Max, now available for as low as $399.99 from Amazon, is an excellent foray into the world of smart vacuum cleaners. With three different cleaning modes (sweep, mop, and vacuum), it’s like having a robot go around the house and clean up after you, no matter what room you’ve dirtied.

Three Cleaners in One

Whether it’s dust, dirt, debris, pet hair, muddy prints, or something else, the V3 Max is the deep cleaning robot vacuum for all sorts of messes. And because it is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, you know it’s built with quality and flexibility. Indeed, you can use the app to control things as well as your voice for Alexa or Google Assistant.

The Viomi V3 Max comes with a 2-in-1 dust (400ml) and water (200ml) tank so it can sweep and mop on the same run, with enough room to catch and hold everything along the way. The 700ml water tank is big enough to clean a 700 square foot space three times over. And thanks to the ultra-precise peristaltic pump, it’s precise and slow-drips like a hospital IV unit.

Smart Laser Navigation

When it comes to cleaning the home, the Viomi V3 Max uses an intelligent laser system to scan and map the space. Indeed, there are some 24 sensors tucked inside, including infrared and drop-sensing technology to help get a feel for how things are set up in the area. It knows not only where the walls are, but the furniture, doorways, and steps, too.

The Map 2.0 feature can store up to five floors worth of space, giving homeowners peace of mind and flexibility. Divide the space up, name zones, and assign specific areas to be cleaned as well as how and when you want them treated.

No matter what you do, the quad-core processor is built to handle the computation as it can quickly sense information in real time. This means no getting stuck or colliding with obstacles in the environment.

One-Button Dust Removal

When it comes to cleaning the V3 Max, things could not be easier. A single button is all that it takes to open the dust bin door to empty the contents into a waste basket, keeping your hands clean.


Whether on hard floors or carpet, the smart vacuum cleaner works efficiently and quietly. With on 57db of noise, it’s not going to disrupt your conversations or mid-day naps.

Smart Controls

The accompanying app gives users total control over the Viomi V3 Max, including where to run, how to clean, and more. Want to set up temporary or permanent “no-go zones” or schedule a one-off cleaning? No problem. Similarly, you can create virtual walls, schedule the order of rooms, and toggle other settings. Then there’s also the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant capabilities which let you use your voice to manage things.

High-Capacity Battery

A smart vacuum is no good if it can’t run very long, and to that end, the V3 Max does very well. The 5200mAh battery allows for cleaning up to 3,000 square feet in one run, which is often more than required. Moreover it can run for up to 300 minutes in Quiet Mode, which is five hours of peaceful cleaning. But should the vacuum get low on battery, it will automatically return to its base to charge back up before resuming.

Small Obstacles are no Obstacle

Does your home or apartment have a small lip or raised edge between rooms or where carpet and tile meet? That’s no problem for the Viomi V3 Max as it can climb over 2cm or .78-inch thresholds.

Carpet Boost Tech

The V3 Max can automatically maximize its suction power within 1.5 seconds, and increase the power to 2700Pa, grabbing dirt and dust from carpets and cracks in the floor. This speed means it won’t miss things as it transitions to different floors.

Order Yours

The Viomi V3 Max launched in August 2021 and sells for approximately $499.99 which is a competitive price, especially considering its rich set of features. For a limited time, however, you can order one for as low as $299.99 from Amazon. Be sure to use the on-site coupon through Amazon and you’ll save $200, or about 40 percent!

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