Snoopreport Review: Simplify Your Instagram Social Media Monitoring

Instagram is an essential component of personal and corporate marketing efforts. With its global reach and low-cost design creating effortless one-on-one conversations, you can develop more brand awareness and higher conversion rates.

Anyone who has tried tracking data on social media can tell you how time-consuming the work is each day. It’s a job that must be done because the information lets you know why people and accounts decide to follow or eventually leave.

You can also discover a lot of information about your target audience based on what people post on Instagram.

Snoopreport is the only legitimate and working Instagram user activity tracking tool on the market

Snoopreport simplifies the data-checking process. I’ve found it an essential tool because you can check the profiles that like your targeted account. By seeing the reels or posts your audience prefers, tailoring your IG content to match it is much easier.

Why Does Snoopreport Stand Out?

Although Snoopreport doesn’t work when someone sets their Instagram account to private, brands and businesses today will have plenty of public followers. This tool delivers the details of a person’s activities, including photos and followers, without creating an intrusive interaction.

As a social media marketer, I know I’ve accidentally hit that heart button while scrolling through someone’s profile. Talk about an awkward situation if you want to follow up with that person or company later!

You eliminate that worry with Snoopreport. It simplifies how you gather info, although it isn’t in real-time situations. It can take up to a week for some reports to generate. 

How to Get Started with Snoopreport

I highly recommend giving Snoopreport a closer look if you’re trying to manage social media marketing through Instagram. It’s straightforward and affordable, especially considering that the Professional version tracks 100 accounts simultaneously with report-generating capabilities.

  1. Start by visiting the official Snoopreport website. Look for the “Get Started” button on the page and click it to begin.
  2. Snoopreport requires you to have an account. You’ll need to click or tap the “Sign Up” tab, then enter your email address and a secure password. Then ensure that you agree to the privacy policy, terms and conditions, and if you agree to receive correspondence.
  3. Click “Add Account,” followed by “Buy Subscription.”
  4. Snoopreport offers three plans based on how many accounts you want to monitor for your social media (or other) needs. You must select one of them. The Personal account tracks two profiles, while the Small Business option offers ten. I prefer the Professional option because it gives me an excellent data pool from which I can gather insights about demographic and target market activities.
  5. After picking your preferred plan, Snoopreport asks you to enter your payment information. Click on “Subscribe.” 
Target Influencers and opinion leaders, confirm engagement among certain users, and understand your audience like no one else can

Although there isn’t a free trial currently available for this service, you can see sample reports that describe how this resource works. If you’re unsure if Snoopreport can handle your IG social media monitoring needs, I recommend reviewing these documents to decide if it gives you enough to move forward with your next campaign. 

Let Snoopreport Do the Heavy Lifting for You

Once you log into your Snoopreport dashboard, you must add an account for this tool to track. You can take care of this from your dashboard by entering the username of your preferred profile. A pop-up appears to let you confirm the information.

Please remember that this tool only tracks and monitors public accounts. If someone has their information set to private, you won’t be able to use this tool’s resources. 

Snoopreport doesn’t monitor direct messages.

After you start tracking specific accounts, you’ll see them appear on your dashboard. You can see reports or purchase some from the past in some situations. 

The report shows how many users the account likes, who their favorite one is, and the popular hashtags involved in those activities. It is the last bit of information that I love about Snoopreport. It allows me to see trends quickly and jump onto different ideas for my brand.

You can even check on specific posts that the tracked account likes, allowing you to gather more information about the audience’s preferences and observations. Although it won’t catch every action or interaction because of its public basis, you get the same access as you would from individual searches without manually conglomerating the data.

The Clickable Media Tags Cloud Is the Best Feature

I love the hashtags on the reports from Snoopreport, but I’m naturally a visual person. That’s why the tags cloud is the best feature of this tool for me.

I can see all the liked media from each account I’ve added to my dashboard when seeing the information this tool collects. By reviewing the interests of each user, I can tell if my social media marketing is working or not.

It also gives me new ideas about content opportunities to build brand awareness. In the tags cloud, the profile is most interested in the most prominent and darkest hashtags.

That design ensures I can see the most important information with just a glance. All the hashtags are clickable, allowing me to review the content using that term immediately. In return, I can decide if my campaign needs some adjusting. 

There is a user interest section that offers a similar structure, but the categories are not clickable. It does give me an overview of what the individual or business prefers, so I use the data to avoid the items that a profile dislikes.

Snoopreport Instagram activity log serves as an unprecedented source of user behavior insights, allowing brands to build better communication strategies for individuals and businesses across the world

Your Snoopreport Information Is Downloadable

After reviewing the information Snoopreport collects, you can decide to download and save the data to your device. It gets delivered in a .csv file for convenience.

You’ll get all the details, including likes, captions, and usernames. 

Since Snoopreport is an online tool, you don’t have to worry about downloading software to your servers, computers, or mobile devices. You can use it whenever you want, although it is more for trends and responses as a social media marketer than real-time monitoring.

I’ve found it to be extremely helpful for what I do. If you’re in a similar field or want to try expanding into a new audience, I would recommend giving Snoopreport a closer look to simplify your Instagram social media monitoring

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