Ransomware attacks are what great companies are mostly afraid of. As more and more businesses shift their data to the cloud, it attracts cybercriminals who make attempts to steal this information stored in the cloud. Below you will find out about a SpinOne cloud ransomware protection platform which can help you to secure your business. 

What Is SpinOne Data Protection Platform?

SpinOne is a platform that helps companies to improve their security and protect invaluable data. You may secure your software and all your information in Microsoft Office 365 and Google Workspace thanks to an efficient cloud ransomware protection package that will assure the integrity of data and near-zero downtime. It will also build a detailed plan that will help your business to keep functioning smoothly in case any disruptions happen.

Key Features

Ransomware viruses attack without warning. They may infiltrate your business through the Internet email or any media devices. Such cyberattacks can be devastating and may paralyze your business for quite a long period of time.

SpinOne protects companies from the most advanced ransomware attacks and securely recovers encrypted data to ensure business continuity and productivity. The platform provides enterprise ransomware prevention solutions at the highest possible level which is really essential to prevent data leakage or any security breaches. 

Enterprise Ransomware Prevention: Risks To Be Aware Of

Cloud ransomware is a kind of advanced virus that prevents people from accessing their data stored on computers. Hackers require enterprises to pay considerable sums of money in order to restore all the information. That is why it often results in data leakage or even loss as well as extended downtime. So, the consequences of cloud ransomware may be really disastrous for the company as it may lose money, trust of clients and reputation in general. 

When it comes to securing data in SaaS environments, here are some of the most common ransomware risks that you should definitely be acquainted with:

  • such attacks become more sophisticated;
  • abuse of Open Authorization; 
  • visibility into SaaS apps is limited;
  • the use of software and SaaS applications without permission;
  • unproductive access management;
  • security measures are not integrated;
  • no awareness about cybersecurity;
  • no cloud security strategy. 

How SpinOne Prevents Cloud Ransomware

SpinOne proposes high-quality ransomware protection services. The whole procedure is fully integrated and mechanized. The platform uses special Spin Technology to address all the threats. SpinOne offers protection of businesses and large enterprises against ransomware and other advanced cyberthreats. All operations are performed by the computer automatically without any intervention needed. 

SpinOne provides resilient security measures that are operated by Artificial Intelligence. The platform brings a revolutionary change to how enterprises protect their data in the cloud against ransomware threats. SpinOne is a tool that was constructed from scratch. It combines detection of ransomware, backup from cloud to cloud, monitoring of domain and restoration of data. SpinOne offers ransomware solutions that enable Security Operations teams to detect and eliminate threats to their data.  They also allow you to restore the damaged data at the shortest possible time. 

SpinOne aids in the prevention of cloud ransomware in the following ways:

  • supervises SaaS environments all the time in order to be able to detect the indicators of ransomware in time;
  • eliminates ransomware source once it is detected;
  • restores damaged data to the most recent backup version;
  • informs admins about problems in real time;
  • offers customizable orchestration of SaaS security policy. 


Using reliable business ransomware protection solutions is the first step to improve the security of your data. SpinOne will help you with that as it will take all the preventive and protective measures that will help you to fight against such type of sophisticated malware. So, keep all data of your enterprise safe together with SpinOne. 

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