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The popularity of apps is increasing every day, and the dominance of the Play Store has also appealed masses recently. You must be here because you also have a designed layout or a beneficiary idea for developing a sports app. Now, sports apps are one of the leading forms of applications in prominence today due to the expansion of the sports industry. 

If you are ready with your app idea or are thinking about a sportsbook development or any sports app, you are on the right path according to the statistical evidence. Assuming you understand the modern era of sports betting apps, analyze it, and are on the verge of developing one and linking it to the play store, the article has wrapped you with steps to get your app featured on the Play Store as well get it approved. 

Steps to Upload Your App

Chronology is important when you are uploading an app to the store, you need to focus on every bit with utmost concentration to avoid errors and establish secure uploading of the application. 

Google Play Console

You need to get access to a developer dashboard if you are planning to upload your app on the Play Store. Google Play console is a kind of posterior controller that enables the developers to get their apps submitted on the Android play store version. A one-time fee of $25 is being charged to a developer, that includes all the control features and functions. After you get this, you will have to fill in some individual credentials like location, name, etc., and then your app is submitted. You will have to wait for 48 hours probably to get it approved automatically.  

Linking the Developer’s Account with Merchant’s Account

When you are planning to start with a sports app, you will require payments to be made and monetary transactions will be fostered. This will require access to the merchant’s account within the app itself. In case you need to make one, you can simply sign in to your Google console account, click the Reports section, go to the Financial Reports option, set up your account by filling in your personal details. Consequently, the merchant account will be linked to your account for you to check on your transactions. 

Make an Application

After the preceding steps, you need to make an application in the following manner:

  • Go to the menu, select the All Applications tab
  • Select the Create Application option
  • Go to the drop-down menu, go for the default language
  • Write the application’s title
  • Click Create 

App Store Listing

When you complete your application, keep your prepared list handy as you will require to 

refer to them to fill out all the information about the app you need to upload in the app store along with a steady and appropriate app description. You have to use suitable keywords in your description to increase the chances of your app’s popularity.  

Uploading APK or Bundles

Files like APK or app bundles have to be uploaded to your app by using navigation tools, you need to move ahead to the Release Management option followed by the App Release tab given in the menu. You need to select any one option from the four: 

  • Internal test
  • Close test
  • Open test
  • Production release

When you have selected the one, click on Create Release. On the production page, you get the new release 

Content Rating

This segment is crucial because if you don’t rate your app, it goes Unrates, and that might eliminate it from the store. For this, you have to navigate to the menu, click on continue, move ahead and type out your email address, and confirm it. You will get a questionnaire to fill for your app rating, followed by an option called Save Questionnaire, and then calculate the rating to get the final ratings, and the last step is Apply.   

Publish the App

When you have filled every single detail, rechecked it twice or thrice, and is confirmed about its accuracy, perform the following steps:

  • Move to the ‘App Releases’ tab
  • Go to ‘Manage production’
  • Select ‘Edit Release’
  • Select ‘Review’
  • Click ‘Start Rollout to Production option’

Approval Requirements

  • Completing the approval application process is mandatory for the developer.
  • The app must comply with the country’s industry standards and regulations.
  • The developer needs to have a gambling or sports license in the territory.
  • Restrict your product or service to the limit of your gambling license.
  • Checking on the age policy beforehand
  • Not be listed as a paid app purchasable on the Play Store.
  • The app should be free while installation from the store.
  •  The app listing should be clearly responsible for accurate offerings. 


Stats reflect the presence of around 2.8 million apps on the Google Play Store along with a new 3739 apps being introduced almost every day. Why not give your app idea a definite shape and get it uploaded on the app store referring to the approval requirements. 

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