When you run a restaurant, you need a POS or Point-of-Sale system that allows you to take your customers’ orders, charge them for the service, and receive payment.

Traditional systems were stationary machines that restaurateurs used. However, the latest advancement consists of a mobile  tablet POS system for restaurateurs that you can take orders and receive payments directly from it.

You may ask what kind of benefits offers this tablet system. This article will answer exactly that question and digs into the features of this modern system Point of sale system for restaurants. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in!

Traditional POS Vs. Tablet POS System For Restaurateurs

We’ll first start by comparing a traditional system with a both systems.

With a traditional system in your restaurant, your waiter would take your customer’s order on a notepad, go back to the stationary system and punch in the order, and head to the kitchen to convey the order to the chef. As the food gets ready, the chef would yell to your waiter to collect the dish and take it down to the customer who waits patiently (impatiently, in all honesty) at their table. This is a typical scenario in a restaurant that incorporates a traditional system.

In a tablet POS system, on the other hand, takes care of your customer as they arrive at your restaurant and are ready to place their order. The tablet system is capable of taking the customer’s order and charges them (even split the check, if need be) all from the mobile tablet.

According to Business News Daily, the latest systems, with their advanced technology, may improve a restaurant’s customer retention, drive sales, and even secure customer data.

Now that we have compared the basic functionality of a traditional and tablet system, let’s talk about the benefits of the new system.

The Benefits Of the Tablet POS System

By shifting to a tablet system for restaurateurs, you can avail of these benefits.

Streamline Operations With Mobility

The major benefit your restaurant can avail of with a tablet system is more mobility. A traditional system is restricted in terms of movement, and your staff has no option but to do back and forth with the customer order. This may cause exhaustion that leads to human error. In a restaurant, a human error can pose a negative impression on your customer, causing them to look for other options for dine-ins.

A tablet system allows your staff to take in orders and place bills with the hand-held device on the spot. This saves both your staff and your customer’s time, and drastically reduces the chances of error.

Fairly Easy Setup

Another great benefit of a tablet system is the easy setup it offers. All you would need is a tablet, a credit-card reader, and cloud software.

After setting up your restaurant’s account, your staff can access the system and start taking orders from your customers! As nearly everyone knows how to handle a tablet, it will be fairly easy for your staff to use the tablet system without the need for training, as compared to traditional machines.

In case your staff requires a little training, most system providers give detailed ‘getting-started’ support to their customers as well.

Manage Your Inventory Efficiently

Your tablet system will also allow you to keep track of your inventory. The device will also notify you as you run low on various products or items and need refilling and restocking. For your own convenience, you may even set the system up in a way that it sends an email notification as soon as you require restocking.

Cloud Access

When you use a tablet system, all the information that is processed is saved on the cloud software that the system is linked with. Since the data is saved on the cloud, you can access your account from any internet-enabled device, such as your desktop computer.

Whenever you require any changes done on the inventory, or system, etc. you can do so on the cloud, and the changes will get updated on all of your devices in real-time. This is a great benefit for restaurateurs and allows in streamlining operations.

Fast Integrations

Another benefit that tablet systems have is the fast integration that they offer. Since the tablet POS system for restaurateurs incorporates advanced technology, you’ll find it much easier to keep up-to-date and integrate it with other platforms that your restaurant may use.

Due to their fast and easy integration, tablet systems can manage your staff data, your costs, your online orders, and deliveries, while integrating with your traditional systems to offer great overall value.

Customer Trust

When you incorporate a tablet POS system, your staff can process payments in front of your customers instead of taking their credit cards out of their sight to a traditional system. This will generate trust in your customers as they will be able to view the transaction in front of them.

Moreover, you can store your customer’s data on your system and offer rewards and benefits for repeat visits. As you reward your customers for repeat visits and recognize them, your customers will feel welcomed at your restaurant, and would want to come back over and over again for your excellent hospitality, and what else do restaurateurs want more than that?

Wrapping Up

A tablet POS system for restaurateurs is a hand-held device that allows the staff to place orders and process payments at the spot. Because of the advanced technology that these tablet systems have, your restaurant can avail of streamlined operations due to the mobility they provide, easy setup, efficient inventory management, cloud access, fast integrations, and customer trust.

Due to all of these benefits, greater efficiency, and excellent customer satisfaction, restaurateurs can receive a greater bottom line and help their business flourish in the long-run.

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