The Best Heroes Of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang!

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A brief introduction

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, also known as MLBB, is a 5vs5 multiplayer online battle arena game designed for IOS and Android devices. It was published by the Chinese company “Moonton” in 2016. The game features “5 versus 5” team-based battles where the main objective is to destroy the other team’s base successfully. The game provides a lot of customizability to the user by offering different characters to play as also known as “heroes” and each hero has its unique attributes and skill set. All of the heroes are available for purchase by the use of in-game currency “diamonds”, which are only obtainable via in-app purchases or battle points, or BP.

The game basics 

Using your team of five heroes pitted against an enemy team of five, the game gives the main objective to destroy the opposing team’s base, to secure the victory, while also defending their base from ambushes and flanks. There are three lanes on the playing field; top, middle, and bottom lanes, all of them having 6 turrets, 3 of one team, and 3 of the other. 

Minions, creeps, and monsters

Weak, computer-controlled minions spawn from the base every 30 seconds to every lane to attack other minions, heroes, and turrets. There are different types of creeps or monsters on the map available for “junglers” to farm. Junglers are the heroes who farm creeps to get a boost or advantage in level so that they can help their team advance and potentially secure the win. The strongest of these creeps are the Turtle and the Lord. The turtle is the 2nd strongest creep and has high HP (Health Points) and damage. Whoever kills the turtle, their team gains a good amount of gold and experience, and the player who slays the turtle will get a buff that enhances their attributes. The Lord on the other hand is the strongest creep with the highest HP and damage when compared to other creeps. The team that kills the Lord also gets a good amount of gold and experience. The Lord also fights for the team that killed him and attacks the lane that is the weakest packing huge amounts of damage to the opposing towers. The turtle spawns at 2:00 minutes in-game time while the lord spawns at 9:00 minutes in-game time.

The Heroes

Now that we have gone through all that, let’s have a look at the most important element of the game – the heroes. There are 107 heroes as of August 2021 with the newest addition being Natan (The Space-Time walker). There are a total of 6 hero classes from which the player can choose, which are Assassin, Fighter, Marksman, Mage, Tank, and Support.

From all the 107 heroes, today we will cherry-pick the best to inform you of the top 10 strongest heroes to play as in mobile legends which can assure you a juicy victory:

10. Natalia:

Natalia is a high damage assassin class hero. She is an expert stalker as she remains in bushes waiting for the right time to strike, fulfilling the definition of an assassin. She can easily hunt down squishy heroes or carry out an ambush because of her extremely high DPS (damage per second) and stealthy character. Natalia is a difficult hero to master because of her controls but she can easily dominate the game when you get the hang of her.

9. Grock:

Grock is a high HP (Health Points) and a crowd control tank class hero. Grock can easily handle a lot of heroes pushing at the same time with his guardian’s barrier skill, which creates a wall making it easy to separate the enemy team and pinpoint the weaker ones. While being a tank, Grock has high offensive abilities which not many tank class heroes can do while tanking a lot of damage.

8. Aldous:

Aldous is a high damage fighter class hero. He specializes at pushes his enemies with his ultimate move. His first skill can become deadly later in the game because of his passive ability, which allows him to stack damage on his first skill. Aldous can easily locate enemy heroes and lock on them with his third skill and if paired up with his first skill, he can instantaneously end the opponent. Aldous can be hard to master but if used properly, he can easily turn the tables in a losing situation.

7. Zilong: 

Zilong is a high mobility and damage assassin/fighter. Zilong is one of the few heroes that is provided at the beginning of the game to the player free of cost and ready to play as. His attacks are extremely powerful and he can easily kill squishy heroes and tanks alike. He is not that difficult to master which makes the new player have a good experience when playing with him.

6. Gusion:

Gusion is an assassin class hero with extremely good mobility and damage output. Gusion can easily take down enemies by combining the use of his skills because his ultimate allows his skills to recharge automatically from which he can tear the enemy apart.

5. Johnson:

Johnson is high mobility and high HP tank class hero. While being a tank he may look boring to play but on the contrary, he is very fun to play because with his ultimate move you can transform into a car and take another one of your teammates with you on a ride. He has high tanking abilities and many hero combinations have been made with him from whom the most popular one is Odette (Mage class hero) and Johnson. Whenever Johnson’s car hits any hero or wall, the car blows up and stuns nearby heroes, while also slowing their movement speed in a particular radius.

4. Hanzo:

Hanzo is extremely high damage but low HP assassin class hero. Hanzo is a jungler who jungles or kills creeps to get buffs and advantages in the later parts of the game. Hanzo can transform into a demon with his ultimate and he can go through any structure when in his ultimate move. His ultimate move runs on “demon blood” which Hanzo obtains through killing creeps or damaging opponents with his second skill. Hanzo’s real body becomes extremely vulnerable when in his demon form which creates all sorts of problems for the person playing it. Hanzo is a difficult hero to master but is extremely good when mastered.

3. Granger:

Granger is very high damage and mobility marksman class hero. Granger is also a jungler hero like Hanzo. Granger has extremely high damage output when played properly and because of this, the hero has been balanced but he still makes it into our list. Granger’s first skill is extremely powerful and it alone can decimate enemy heroes if played properly. Many people call granger the best hero to use while solo queuing ranked lobbies because of his high stats.

2. Sun:

Sun is a fighter class hero with pretty good balanced stats. It’s, however, not his stats that make him overpowered, it’s his skills that allow him to make doppelgangers of himself that acquire some of his stats. His ultimate allows him to make a doppelganger of himself which has 70% of his attributes. This creates confusion in the enemy as to which one is the real one. His doppelgangers heal him whenever they attack anything. Sun is extremely good at taking more than one hero at once or taking down the lord or turtle by himself.

1. Alucard:

Alucard is an extremely powerful assassin class hero because of his immense damage and high life steal. He is a jungler hero like Hanzo and granger and is extremely good if you know how to play him. His life steal is incredible at all stages of the game and he can easily chase after running enemies. His damage output is unreal too, and when matched with his life steal, he can easily handle fights where he is outnumbered. Alucard is a difficult hero to master but is extremely rewarding when you know how to play him.

The conclusion

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