Creating an app is only one part of the puzzle, next you’ll want to work out how to start making money from your app. Whether the income from your app is passive or you are proactively trying to generate more revenue, there are clear and easy ways to get there faster. To find out the best ways to monetise your Android app users, consider using these simple tips to get there faster.

Leverage advertising

In-app advertising is one of the best and simplest ways to monetize your Android app. Whether you opt for banner ads, native ads or affiliate ads, there is sure to be a simple advertising implementation to help you generate revenue from your users. Before implementing ads on your app, consult with an android app developer to ensure you don’t jeopardize the user experience. Ads can be annoying to the user, especially if they are based on data or insights about your users. Android app developers can help you better understand the best type of ad, placements and experience for your customers to both drive revenue and keep the customer happy. Ads are a simple way to start making money from your app users, but it has to be done properly.

Learn to use data more effectively

Big data is growing in popularity and saturation across even the most novice app owners. Big data is anonymized user data from an application that can be sold to help inform future initiatives and decisions in things like town planning and user personalization. Making money from big data on your android app is simple enough if you have the right developer. 

Interactions on your app, the ways in which your android app users respond to your app are all data points that someone else will find useful. Developing your app to capture, anonymise and store this data is the key to making more money from your users. Once you’ve developed your app to capture this data, you just need to find an interested party to share the data with for the right price.

In-app purchases

One of the more common ways to monetize your android app users is through in-app purchasing. In-app purchasing is exactly what it says, in using your app users will be presented with certain functionality that makes the experience better, for the right price. It might be an additional feature for a game, deeper insights in a financial app or perhaps a virtual currency in the app that users purchase with legal currency outside the app. In-app purchases are a simple and well-accepted way of monetizing your android app users, though it does come with a certain stigma from users who may believe they can only get a basic version of the app without paying for it. This may cause some users to seek alternate options for their needs.

Subscription strategy

Many app developers are now opting for subscription-based models for their apps as a way of monetizing android app users. Subscription-based models work on locking the user into a recurring payment in order to use the application. News based apps love this model and it’s a great way to keep ongoing revenue coming in, so long as your users don’t unsubscribe. This approach comes with additional benefits as well which potentially complement other income streams, including users interacting more with your app. If users are subscribed and pay an ongoing fee, they often interact more frequently to get their money’s worth. With constant interaction, the potential big data you can gather offers a great way to make even more money from your users.


Making money from your android app users can be a simple process to develop and if done in the correct way, can build a regular revenue stream. Making smart choices in app development is the key to monetizing your app users. Don’t make a decision that jeopardizes the experience on your app, instead focus on a positive experience to keep users coming back and the revenue flow constant.

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