With the fast advancements in electronics technologies, almost every gadget-lover has a ritual to replace their old hand-held devices with the latest or the newest model available in the market. However, sometimes, buying these new electronic products can drain your pocket, which is why people always give a second thought before purchase. Out of several such electronics products, it is the phones which are bought the most. Be it an Android set or the iPhone. This is because people love to use new technologies and enjoy the different features of different brands and models.

However, buying phones almost too often is not an ideal solution for regular people. Most of them try to use a mobile for as long as possible or till the gadget stops delivering to its optimum level. It is then people think of buying a new phone to replace the old one. If one is a gadget-lover and has a soft spot for using new phones, it might be heartbreaking to wait for years before the user can get a new one.

With the evident need to provide buyers and sellers with a solution to reuse mobile phones, UpTrade undertakes this endeavor facilitating final consumers with a verified product. Also, assuring consumers their newly acquired handheld device is at its optimal function; and for sellers interested in monetizing from their old phone or tablet, a fair price on its acquisition.“The users will not only satisfy their thirst for having a new piece of technology in the palm of their hands but also help save a lot of money and reduce carbon footprint by buying a refurbished or gently used phone,” said Marco Mai, Head of Operations at UpTrade.

Manufacturing a smartphone accounts for 80 to 95% of the annual carbon footprint of the device itself; resorting to purchasing a gently used phone is the most sensible eco-friendly decision a smartphone consumer can make.

There are some basic options for selling and reselling handheld devices out there. However, a company such as UpTrade provides internal testing and quality measures that guarantee client satisfaction. When considering selling or buying a gently used or a refurbished mobile device, it is essential to learn all the ins and outs of the trading process and the main differentiators between a reseller on eBay or Amazon over a company dedicated to technical testing and screening before placing a product for sale on the website.

What is UpTrade?

Rather than throwing the old phone away, users now resell it on eBay, Flipkart, and Amazon. The resale price is lower than the market value, but the seller will have a profit margin. These platforms allow the buyers to connect with the sellers after selecting a particular phone listed down the on-sell list. Once the negotiation is agreed upon by both parties, the transaction is exchanged, and the mobile is handed over to the buyers.

Similar to these platforms, a user will have another option called UpTrade. It was launched a while back and over the years, UpTrade has grown a lot, reaching worldwide recognition. Due to the team’s hard work and their goal to establish transparency and genuine relationships between a buyer and seller, UpTrade has gained a lot of momentum in recent years..

Salient features of UpTrade

  • 30-day hassle return
  • Direct contact between buyer and seller
  • Allows both iPhones and Android to be put up for the list
  • Authentic photos are posted
  • Affordable price rates·  Interactive UI/UX design

Why is UpTrade more suitable than eBay and Amazon?

Before learning how to use the UpTrade platform for oneself, it will be best to learn about the benefits. As most are new to UpTrade, users might not easily agree to prefer this platform over Amazon and eBay. Hence, some of the significant advantages have been listed down that any mobile user will enjoy after choosing UpTrade.

Benefits to buyers

  • One will get the phones at an affordable price, much lower than what the market will offer you.
  • From time to time, a buyer will get discounts on the phones that have been listed in the catalog.
  • One can even earn coupon codes, both from UpTrade and other coupon giveaway platforms.
  • uptrade also offers a swift return policy where the buyer will return the phone within 30 days of purchase.
  • Genuineness and transparency are the two primary cornerstones of the UpTrade platform. Hence, there is no need to worry about the phone’s functionality and performance.
  • Free shipping of the phones to the buyers’ addresses is possible but only for specific areas.

“I was skeptical, but the device was delivered quickly, was exactly as listed, and in great shape. I am very pleased and impressed with the service. Phone could easily pass as “new,” battery health was accurate, and there were no problems.”

Bob’s review on Reviews.io

Benefits to sellers

  • As a seller, one will get a wonderful valuation compared to eBay and Amazon’s selling price.
  • There is no need to wait for payment till the phone is bought. It is TradeUp who will pay instantly.
  • First, the phone will be examined and scrutinized by professional engineers. So, even if the buyer returns the phone, no seller will have to refund the paid amount.
  • Payment doesn’t take too much time to arrive at the bank account. The minimum time taken is two days, while the maximum time is about 14 days.

UpTrade guide for a seller

According to Computer Weekly, the refurbished and resell phone market is growing and fast. Back in 2019, it experienced a growth of 9.2%, and it will have over an 11% compound growth through the year 2024. So, if you want to jump in the seller’s wagon and make extra money on your gently used device, you need to ensure that the selling guide is followed correctly. UpTrade has described the entire process for better understanding.

First, one needs to check whether the phone is functioning correctly or not. It is only then one can proceed further.

  • Next, a seller can use the pricing calculator on UpTrade to know about the minimum guaranteed price suitable for the phone. While using the calculator, it needs to be made sure that the details given as inputs are correct and match the phone.
  • Once the seller is satisfied with the pricing, one needs to ship the phone. The first step to do this is by master resetting the mobile. UpTrade will provide instructions to do the same.
  • After this, the shipping label provided by UpTrade itself needs to be used, followed by packing the phone and other related accessories in the box and then shipping it to a given location.
  • After the UpTrade professionals receive the phone. A thorough inspection will be carried out, starting with a master reset. Next, the engineers will check whether or not the phone is in proper condition.
  • If all the conditions are met, and the engineers are satisfied, the company will pay the seller the minimum guaranteed price within two weeks.

Things to consider while dealing with UpTrade

Selling your handheld device to UpTrade is easy as 1, 2, 3. Sellers keep in mind the following:

  • Payment will be made only via eCheck and Paypal as UpTrade functions in three countries- America, Canada, and Mexico.
  • The phone needs to be in good or best condition with no damage, virus, or improperly working OS.
  • No stolen mobile can be sold as proper screening is done with the IMEI number. If anyone is found to be a fraud, UpTrade will immediately report to the authorities.


From UpTrade, both the buyers and sellers benefit significantly as the sellers can sell their phones at a price higher than the market resale value. The buyers will get the phone at a price lesser than the MRP, and discounts and coupons can be applied further. Moreover, UpTrade is a genuine and trustworthy website where no scam is tolerated. So, if someone wants to buy or sell the phone, there is no need to make any delay.


Can I sell only my mobile on UpTrade without a charger?

No, your phone must have all the essential accessories like chargers, pins, sim slots, and others if you want to sell the product on UpTrade.

What should be the maximum age of the phone to be sold on UpTrade?

There is no restriction on the age of the phone you want to sell on this platform. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the mobile is in proper and undamaged condition.

After buying the phone from UpTrade, if it’s not working, can I return it?

Yes, if the phone is not working or arrives as a damaged product, you can request a return stating the main reason. However, the return time limit is only 30 days.

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