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Technology, however you define it, continues to develop and advance at increasing rates. No one could have predicted how technology will change our lives and the ways in which we leverage it. In this digital world, computers and smartphones are major things but the phone is perhaps the most important thing in our day-to-day life. Without a phone, life will seemingly be nearly impossible.

The usage of the phone is becoming more common in our daily life. Wherever we go, we can track our path through the phone. In the past, finding a place was not always an easy thing, because we often has to print out directions or follow others and their instructions.

Nowadays we can use our phone to keep an eye on where our friends and loved ones are. If we get lost on our route or need to find our close one’s location, people can install a mobile phone tracking app such as on their phone and have live GPS tracking. GPS tracking sends the live location of the people in on time the concerned people.

Worried about about privacy implications? No issues, the access can give to the person when you are out of the station. So both you and your close ones can feel safe and secure during your travel. 

To whom it will be useful?

It will be useful for many kinds of people in their daily life. They are,

  • Students: Parents may be worried after they left their kids at school. During the return home they might also feel uncomfortable while the child travels in the bus or van. This application will help them to track kids’ location through their GPS activation on their phones. If the child moves outside of the location or exceeds a certain speed limit, a push notification will be sent to the parent mobile.
  • Elders: Those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia disease can forget their destination. Finding them, should they get lost, will become difficult and sometimes nearly impossible. Because they may not know to communicate this with others it would be easier to track the location with up-to-date live locations. Even the emergency alarm will activate on the mobile. If the person undergoes any unstable condition, the alarm will be sent to the concerned person and they can get an alert.
  • Remote working people: Some people’s work could take them outside of cities or markets where they might not get a proper signal to communicate. Should communication prove to be difficult, the application can provide a notification every short interval of time. If there is no response from the person’s phone about the location service, we can find something went wrong over there.
  • Long travel: During the long travel, we can get the live location of the person on our mobile. Even if they lose their way head in the wrong direction we can track their location and help get them back on the right path.
  • Self-monitoring: The live location of our own phone can be shared with our close ones for safety purposes. Once the location has been sent, another person can able to track our location whenever they need it. So we can feel safe and secure during the whole journey. 

When we can use it?

People can use it at anytime and anywhere. There is no limitation to use. The service will activate always to follow our route of direction. In this technological world, we are moving to different places to fulfil our dream. So, our close ones will be always worried about our place and work. To overcome all these issues live location or GPS activation service data will share with our parent mobile phone or closed one’s phone.

They can get an update of our every movement and feel satisfied and happy throughout our journey. The data sharing will be won’t be an issue. It is a secure way to know our location.

Benefits of using the service:

  • Can get a live update of the place we are moving to.
  • A notification alarm will be passed during the emergency.
  • A push notification will be sent if the kid crosses the destination limit.
  • We can send our live location to others.
  • Can work without a signal too.

It is worth using?

Yes, because traveling from one place to another place for studies and work becomes the mandatory thing for all. We can’t stay in a place and complete all our work and it is impossible too. At the same time, people can’t expect others to accompany us during our journey. They too will have different works.

During this time, we can share our live location with our parents or close ones. So they can see our location. Even in case of emergency, they can get an alert on their phone. Parents can seek emergency help from the police and share the live location data with them. They can track us at ease with the help of this data service.

Where we can get the app?

It is available on our mobile phone’s play store. Android and iPhone will have access to use this service. At the same time, after getting permission from the concerned person only we can see their location information. All can’t use this service. By accepting all terms and conditions, one person is allowed to know the location of their closed ones. If they don’t wish to share the data, they can block the service.

It is completely private and secure to use. Other than the connected device, no one will be able to follow your location. 

Is it a boon or curse to the people?

It is absolutely a boon to the people to know the live location of their loved ones. We can sit in a home with nail-biting; whether they have reached, are they safe, did they go to the right place, etc., many questions will be solved by knowing the GPS live location tracking service. Feel safe on your every move by sharing the live location with your loved ones.

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