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The Android operating system was developed by Android Inc., which Google later took over in 2005. It became the best-selling operating system for mobile in 2011 and 2013 for tablets. In India, nearly 370 million people use smartphones, of which 90.67% run on the Android Operating System. The Android market is also expected to keep growing rapidly in the future. In this article, we will examine why Android is so popular in India and why users choose Android over other operating systems.

Why is Android the preferred choice?


In the last two years, Android has become the number one operating system in the world with a 63% market share, making it the most popular operating system in the world. This is because Android has many advantages over other operating systems. Android is also more popular in developing countries like India and China than iOS or Windows because it is free to use, open-source, and available to all manufacturers.


Android, since it was launched, has been free. Google has also made it clear that it will stay free in the future. Because of this, it has caught the eye of the manufacturers. Google’s strategy has allowed companies like Samsung and Micromax to enter the premium smartphone market. Allowing hardware manufacturers to incorporate the operating system in their business cuts down the cost of a smartphone, making it more available to all. The availability of Android on several devices has led users to switch from feature phones or even other operating systems like Windows Phone or Blackberry OS (which are not available on many devices). 


Android opened up an array of possibilities to both device manufacturers and application developers while helping to reduce the cost of smartphones. This has made smartphones more accessible to the everyday person who cannot afford to buy an expensive smartphone. Many people cannot afford computers or have access to the internet. Now, because Android has helped reduce the price of smartphones, people can afford to buy a smartphone and have access to all the same features they would have when buying a laptop or computer. Because of this, people can access many different platforms by using their smartphones, from online shopping to gambling sites. One recommended betting site to use on an Android smartphone is 10CRIC’s Android App. This is because 10CRIC’s Android App for Online Betting and Casino is the best in India.

Open Source

Google released Android under an open-source license. This means that anybody can copy or alter its code as long as they give Google proper credit. Similarly, software developers must clearly state that any apps they develop are based on this code. Since there are no costs associated with using it and no licensing fees either, more developers will do so. This will increase competition among app developers and lead to higher-quality apps being offered at lower prices than those found in stores like Apple’s App Store and Microsoft’s Windows Store, among others.


In terms of usability, a large portion of Android users come from India due to its versatility. Among the many functionalities that Android offers are:

Personalizing one’s own phone: Android’s key strength is its ability to be highly customized. Layout changes for the Home screen, widget additions, animated wallpaper additions, and other customizing forms. Even the user interface (UI) can be modified to resemble an iPhone or a Windows phone. 

Languages: There are more than 100 languages accessible for Android OS, making it easier for people to use their smartphones in their native language. Now you do not need to speak or understand english to operate your smartphone. 

Real-time support: A newer version of Google Assistant offers real-time support rather than being automated. 

Memory: A further appealing aspect of the Robust OS is expandable memory. This allows users to store more photos or documents on their mobile devices without having to transfer them to a cloud-based system. 

Selection of hardware: Many possibilities are available if users choose the Android operating system.

App Store: There are around 3.5 million Android apps, giving users a wide variety to pick from. Android’s play store also contains more free apps than any other platform. Android also permits downloading apps from sources other than the Google Play store. Therefore, users are able to download an app if it is not listed on the play store.

Power Adaptor: The same adapter may be used for every type of Android phone and has universal, rapid, and wireless charging capabilities. The OS also supports wireless charging and provides quick charging. The wireless charging adaptor is included with the phone and does not need to be purchased separately, saving the user money.

Why does India choose Android over iOS?

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Pricing is the primary factor in the smaller IOS market that Apple controls in India compared to Android. The average wage of an Indian worker can not afford a phone with such a high price tag. Instead, they search for alternatives before selecting the best hardware. People with a deep interest in hardware specifications and style are also not in vain. Recent Samsung Galaxy s10+ specifications are comparable to those of the iPhone xs Max. Most of the above-mentioned Android usability characteristics are not supported by iOS. Additionally, Android’s cloud feature is simpler to use than IOS.

Summing it all Up

Android has become a popular name in the smartphone industry around the world. They have managed to take user experience to the next level and still keep the prices well within reach for the ordinary guy on the street. More and more app developers are using the Android operating system because it is free and can be modified as long as credit is given to Google. Android is also easy to understand, and users do not have to have any experience understanding the operating system. Users can also use their smartphones for experiences such as online gambling. Therefore, Android has become the preferred choice in India and worldwide.

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