I’ve been on a tear of reviews for wireless earbuds as of late. It’s an ever-growing market with a ton of great competition — and rightfully so. Each is portable with decent enough audio on the go and the individual design choices and features make them interesting to me.

Earfun has been making several models over the last couple of years and allowed me some time with it’s latest Earfun Air earbuds.

How do these wireless audio devices match up to the others on the market? Let’s find out in this full review of the Earfun Air.


The first thing one taking the Earfun Air out of the case is that it reminds me of the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 in that it’s kinda like AirPods. These have a familiar design, but one that I’ve come to really enjoy.

The stemmed teardrop shape makes the earbuds easy to use and fit in your ear for most people. I can honestly say that I think these fit my ears better than any other lookalike I’ve tested. There’s a nice balance of actual earbud and silicone to secure the headphone.

This allows them to fit far enough into the ear that they get a good feel and the silicone tip makes sure it stays put when moving around. I’ve been impressed with the range of motion without the need to reposition the Earfun Air.


You can’t have an entry in this market these days without some sort of touch controls and the Earfun Air will not disappoint. First, let’s start with simple play and pause because it works the same on both the left and right earbud.

Tap either twice will start or stop the current track. This same motion will answer and end phone calls. You can also reject a call by holding the left or right for two seconds.

If you’d like to change the volume, you can tap and hold the left for volume down and the right for an increase in volume. This is also a two-second delayed move.

You can also activate different actions via a triple tap. You can skip forward a track by triple tapping the right headphone and go back a song by doing the same to the left side. And in the odd case you still make phone calls, you can also switch back forth between two simultaneous callers with a triple tap as well.


This was the one segment of my time with the Earfun Air that wasn’t as fun. It’s not terrible, but I just felt the music and podcast output was muted in comparison to other devices. While I don’t need, or want them, to be deafening, it was noticeable.

You can still enjoy your music. Even in a busy room, I don’t think you’d get drowned out by outside noise. But overall, the sound volume is worth a mention. That aside the balance of music playback was decent with highs and mids playing well against background bass.

While the music playback only supports passive noise cancellation, there are four mics for noise reduction while taking phone calls. This resulted in crisp phone calls several times over the last few weeks. I had no complaints from either end of the line.

Battery Life

On the flip side, battery life was stellar. Earfun rates the Air to get you up to seven hours of playback with just the earbuds. I’ve found this to be spot on and almost gets me through a full eight-hour shift per charge.

Once you have drained the Earfun Air’s internal batteries, you can recharge another four times via the travel case. This portable power bank also supports USB-C charging and wireless charger making it an all-round winner for me.

Final Thoughts

The good mostly outweighs the bad when you consider the Earfun Air wireless earbuds. You get a great fit, above-average battery life, and decent audio. If you’re still on the fence, maybe the price will convince you to make the purchase.

You can purchase the Earfun Air in black for $59.99 on Amazon. Need another little incentive? Our readers will get 10% off that for a limited time with the discount code EARFUN35 at checkout.

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