Today we’ll be taking a look at a pair of gaming headphones from EKSA, the E3Z Air Joy Plus. As a brand that provides plenty of gaming-related headphones, its portfolio comes in different shapes and sizes. How do the budget-minded units fare? Read on to find out.

The Air Joy Plus is compatible with most gaming systems and platforms, including Playstation 4/5, Nintendo Switch, Windows 7/8/10, and Mac. Included in the box are the headphones, a carry pouch, and a USB to USB-C extender.


The EKSA Air Joy Plus have a minimalist design yet still retain the look of a gaming headset. The ear cups can fold in so the headphones fit inside the carrying pouch. This is nice for those times when you might put headphones away for a while, or pack them up for travel.

Generally speaking, the headset is very light and in the time I used it, it never became irritating on my head. The mic comes with a wind muff that you can attach; it’s not required but could help other gamers with what they hear on their end.


When it comes to gaming, we’re never fully sure how long we’ll be sitting down to play so a comfortable headset is key to making sure you can last through those play sessions. The headphones are adjustable so if you have a bigger head, they can accommodate for that and it holds its position pretty well. The EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus could be more durable as it felt flimsy at times but overall they have a solid look and feel.


As far as headphones go, it doesn’t matter much how well they’re made if the sound experience is lacking. In my time testing out these I used it for phone calls and in-game party chats; the people on the other end were happy with what they heard and never had any trouble hearing me through the mic.

Similarly, I had no problem hearing others through the headset. In terms of the in-game music and gameplay audio, I thought it delivered pretty well. Both treble and bass could have been a little more full but it got the job done and feels consistent with the price point.

EKSA claims to have noise canceling however I was still able to hear a little bit of background noise but it was very faint and didn’t affect my gameplay. There are definitely improvements to be made on the audio and on the receiving end of the party chat and phone calls.

If you aren’t super serious about your gaming headphones, or are looking for a decent first pair, these would get the job done great.

When buying a set of headphones, or pretty much any item, you have to keep price point in mind. Although the headphones don’t have overly high marks as a whole, they do fall in line with what one should expect with a budget of $35-$40.


If you are looking for a headset that simply functions the way it should and doesn’t cost a fortune, then I definitely recommend the EKSA E3Z Air Joy Plus. These are a solid affordable entry-level pair headphones that leave extra money in the wallet for gaming and in-app purchases.

If you have a little more money to spend, you may want to check out something else in the brand’s lineup. As you’ll no doubt find, “you get what you pay for” in this space. With that in mind, these come with a two-year warranty so there’s peace of mind even at the entry level.

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