Leaving for work and don’t have anyone or anything to keep an eye on your kids or pets? That’s a troublesome situation for some of us, especially if we’re new to owning a kitten or puppy. Or, if you’ve recently gone back to work with a newborn at home with a spouse.

Enabot understands these types of scenarios situation, and has created a number of solutions to help. One of its latest products, the EBO Air, is a home security camera and interactable robot to keep provide security, peace of mind, and entertainment while you are away.

Looking like something out of Wall-E or a cartoon, the unit is a mostly orb-shaped with a small fin on the top. With a few wheels that help it roll along, there’s automatic balancing and righting should it get tipped over or bumped.

via Enabot

Packaging and Setup

The Enabot EBO Air was in a tightly sealed package and all the contents were in perfect condition; it came with a charging cord, and a charging dock.

Part of the setup process requires downloading and setting up the Enabot (Android or iOS) app. Once installed on your phone you’ll scan the QR code on your Enabot and begin the setup process.

After configuring it to your liking and making sure it has a full charge you are all set to go. The setup process wasn’t hard in the slightest. It will only prove to be a challenge if you do not have Wi-Fi in your home as that’s what it relies on for its standalone connectivity.

Operation and Quality

It definitely is entertaining to watch the Enabot EBO Air glide around your house and interact with the people in it. Moreover, it features expandable storage to capture pictures and high-definition (1080p) videos. I find the pictures and videos fun to look at as they bring me peace knowing that everything in the house is safe.

via Enabot

If any suspicious activity is detected, you will get a push notification on your phone letting you know there could be a problem. It also acts as a communication device that has two-way talk. If you are inclined to chat with your pet or have a brief conversation with your kids, it’s a simple process. Perhaps you’d like to let the children know you’ll be home soon or to simply say ‘hi’ to Fido.


  • Infrared laser
  • AI tracking recognition and shooting function
  • 16GB external memory, support 256GB at maximum
  • 2.4G+5.8G WIFI network frequency band connection
  • Infrared night vision function
  • Multi-user accounts Login
  • Automatic patrol
  • 24H fixed-point security recording
  • Abnormal video alarm/message push
  • Brushless silent motor
  • Anti-drop function
  • Max speed 1m/s

The Enabot EBO Air glides quietly across the floor, making very minimal noise. It won’t disturb a sleeping infant or napping toddler and certainly doesn’t disrupt game time on the TV.

Thanks to its internal smarts, it can detect walls and any other obstructions on the ground so it won’t bump into anything or damage the Enabot.

As for my experience with it, it was a generally good and enjoyable one. I appreciate that it automatically comes out of its dock for patrolling the home. It will continue to monitor things until its battery needs charged whereupon it returns to the charging station.

The AI tracking feature is great for recognizing both humans and pets and one tap on the app is all it takes to have it follow them around. The EBO Air can edit and send videos to you throughout the day at specific times to help you get a sense for what’s going on.

I found there were only a couple instances where it accidentally bumped into something but it made efforts to avoid them. Further, there was no damage done to the device.


The Enabot EBO Air is an interesting twist on home security or monitoring your beloved pets. Unlike a static camera in one room, this one can patrol your entire floor.

The setup process was quick and painless thanks to the guided instructions in the app and the ability to connect to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks. If you’ve got other members in your house who might like to look in on things, you can share access to the device.

Pictures and videos look great and the ground floor perspective is more interesting than something captured from a desk or counter.

At $230 it’s a bit expensive for just keeping an eye on things. Traditional cameras are considerably less pricey, to be sure, but they’re also not as fun. Depending on how much of a pet lover you are you may be able to justify the cost of the EBO Air.

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