If you’ve gained weight in 2020, you’re not alone. Whether it’s the quarantine fifteen or just some holiday weight, we’re all probably looking for a way to drop a few pounds.

That’s where a quality scale comes into play. There’s nothing like seeing that number go down to keep you motivated and help you stick to your New Year’s resolution. Thankfully, our friends over at Eufy make a fantastic smart scale that’s able to measure your weight and much more.


The Eufy Smart Scale P1¬†uses a sleek design featuring a glass top with rounded corners and a slim profile. It’s surprisingly lightweight in comparison to my old smart scale, which now feels like a bulky antique.

There is a large LED display at the top that makes it easy to read, and on the bottom are four non-slip feet along with the battery compartment. The Smart Scale P1 is powered by three AAA batteries, and considering I have a box full of rechargeable AA batteries, I wish it used those instead. However, that’s only a minor grievance with a scale that looks and performs this well.

User Experience

To get started, you’ll need to grab the EufyLife app from the Play Store and set up an account. After this is done, you can pair the scale with the app and get started with your weigh-in. The entire process was incredibly simple and I had the scale set up and working in no time.

Ever since the first day, it has functioned perfectly, and the results have been very consistent, unlike my previous smart scale which could be all over the place when measuring my weight.

If you want to get the most benefit out of the Eufy Smart Scale P1 then it will require weighing barefoot. That’s because the P1 is capable of tracking 14 different body measurements, including weight, body fat percentage, BMI, water percentage, BMR, visceral fat, body age, body fat mass, lean body mass, bone density, bone mass, muscle mass, muscle, and protein levels.

It takes all these measurements by a combination of knowing your height, age, and gender along with sending an electrical signal through your body to generate the results. Hence why you need to be barefoot for the more advanced measurements.

If you only want to use the weight measurement then you can weigh yourself in socks, shoes, or use the weight only option in the EufyLife app.

As far as how accurate these results are, that’s difficult to say. You’d need to go get a professional work up with proper equipment to compare.

However, for being an affordable at-home device to give you a general idea of your measurements, the is perfect. Remember, it’s most important that you watch the trends to see if you’re going up or down, instead of relying on it for pinpoint accuracy of the additional measurements outside of your weight. In this way, the Eufy P1 Smart Scale P1 is a wonderful companion in your weight loss and fitness journey.


The EufyLife app has a clean and simple user-friendly layout. It’s easy to see the most important stats on the screen and view all the additional measurements by tapping on the “More” button. From here you get a comprehensive overview of all the advanced measurements with a helpful explanation about each one.

The main page also has sections to view your weigh-in history and trends to keep track of your progress. The trends menu is probably one of the most helpful sections because it allows you to keep an eye on weight, BMI, body fat percentage, and muscle mass. This way you can know if your diet and exercise routine is helping you or not.

EufyLife also allows tracking for up to 16 different users, which it automatically matches within the app. The only downside is that all users must be under one account, so you can’t all have your own separate account.

Finally, EufyLife also syncs with third-party fitness apps such as Google Fit and Fitbit. All you have to do is connect your account and your weight will sync with the additional apps. This is great if you like having a better overview of all your stats such as your exercise and weight all in one place.

Final Thoughts

When you’re looking for a smart scale to help keep your fitness goals on track, it’s hard to beat the Eufy Smart Scale P1. It provides a lot of bang for your buck by tracking 14 different measurements for up to 16 users and has a fantastic app that syncs with third-party apps. It retails for $44.99 but it can sometimes be found on sale for $29.99 and at that price, it’s a steal.

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