GameSir F7 Claw Tablet Game Controller review

Battery life
The GameSir F7 Claw Tablet Gaming Controller is a funky yet functional way to play games on your tablet for games that support it.

Recently we reviewed the GameSir X2 Bluetooth Wireless Mobile Game Controller which turns your phone into a Nintendo Switch like device. While this is great for handsets, what if you like to game on a tablet? GameSir has an answer for that, too, with the F7 Claw Tablet Game Controller.

Fortunately, GameSir was nice enough to send one out for us to review.

Key Features

  • Works with Android and Apple devices
  • Adds four physical tactile buttons for games with moveable on-screen controls
  • Battery life of 120 hours
  • Lightweight and comfortable to hold

About the Gamesir F7 Claw

When it comes to gaming controllers, the Gamesir F7 Claw is one of the most unique I’ve ever come across. It’s not a controller in the conventional sense, you don’t pair it to your device via Bluetooth, or even with a cord.

Instead, it adds a tactile way to activate on-screen buttons with physical triggers. However, since you have very little control over where the F7 Claw places the triggers on your screen, this means you’re going to need to use games that allow you to change the button placement. Fortnite and PUBG are two perfect examples of games that work well with the Gamesir F7 Claw.

In the box, Gamesir includes two controller units, one for the left side and one for the right. There is also a charging cable and some stickers to apply to the back of your tablet meant to help the F7 Claw better adhere to your device.

The suction cup mounts look pretty odd, but rest assured, they work great in securing the F7 Claw to your tablet. Occasionally, I had to press down on them to make sure they didn’t come loose, but overall, I experienced no issues with the F7 Claw staying attached.

Even though the F7 Claw doesn’t connect via Bluetooth, it still requires power to activate the button presses on the screen. That means you’re still going to have to charge both units up separately.

The good news is, it requires very little power, meaning battery life is stellar. Gamesir rates the F7 Claw for up to 120 hours of playing time and 200 days while in standby. So you’re not going to have to worry too much about charging it.

And speaking of charging, the GameSir F7 Claw is designed in such a way that it provides access to the charging port on your tablet. This makes it easy to stay powered up while gaming.

How well does it work?

Now that you know a little about how the F7 Claw works, the question is, does it work well? From my experience, if you play games that allow you to rearrange the buttons, then it works wonderfully.

Attaching the F7 Claw with its suction cup mounts is quick and simple. It holds onto the device well and adds a much more comfortable way to hold your tablet while gaming. The claw portion at the top does a good job of staying out of your way so you can use your left and right thumbs without issue.

Plus, adding physical trigger buttons for firing and jumping made games much more responsive and really gives you an edge. Additionally, there are also turbo buttons on the F7 Claw which can be programmed. I didn’t test these out myself but it’s a nice option to have.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a way to game more comfortably on your tablet or wanting to take your PUBG or Fortnite skills to the next level, then the GameSir F7 Claw is what you’ve been looking for. Not only does it make it more comfortable to hold, but you’ll also gain an advantage by having a comfortable way to mash away at the on-screen buttons.

You can purchase the GameSir Claw Tablet Gaming Controller from GameSir’s website for $39.99.


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