I’ve recently been toying with the iPhone despite my return to my Pixel 6 as my daily driver. This has opened up a massive opportunity to partner with new companies like Intelli. The accessory manufacturer makes numerous charging options including Magsafe. I’ve been testing the new StepUp 3-in-1 for a few weeks and am happy to finally give my full review.

**Editorial Note: This is an ongoing series we like to call iOS Interruptions. Here the AndroidGuys team will cover new products revolving around the Apple ecosystem.**


The industrial look of the Intelli StepUp is kinda odd. It’s an elongated rounded rectangle standing on an edge. It’s kinda like you took a block of cheese and cut it at a 45-degree angle. This top-angled shelf is where the Magsafe and wireless charging mechanism lives.

Flanked on each side are the retractable accessorial chargers. To the right is a small Qi charger for Apple Airpods. On the other side, is a similar charger for your Apple Watch. Hence the name, StepUp allows you to charge all your Apple devices simultaneously.

Real World Usage

So how’s this translate to actual time with the Intelli StepUp? Very well. All three options have functioned just as you’d expect. The Magsafe is well-placed with a strong magnet to secure your iPhone. The angle also makes it perfect for a nightstand or desk where you want a consistent glance at notifications or alarms.

The same is true for the slideout chargers. Both the Apple Watch and Airpod options functioned as you’d expect. The charging time and function are very similar, if not the same, as the factory alternatives. Having them be able to be tucked away is a nice touch.

All the charging options work as expected. I’ve not had any overheating or funny business at all. Even the alignments are top-notch. There’s no fumbling around to make the connection successful.


I’ve enjoyed my time with the Intelli StepUp charger. The flexibility of having this be one to three separate chargers is a great addition to any desk or nightstand. It has a modern design and premium qualities.

The final component of curb appeal is pricing. At $70, I think Intelli has made a fair assessment of the price tag. Finding a 3-in-1 Apple charger isn’t hard on Amazon or other retailers, but one with the stow-away accessory chargers is rare. You can find the Intelli StepUp on the company’s official landing page at the link below.

Purchase the Intelli StepUp Charger with Magsafe

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