Portable chargers are nothing new. If you don’t have one, you probably know someone who does. They’ve been around for quite some time, keeping getting cheaper and thinner, and seem to adapt to the mobile industry fairly well.

Power banks are all about squeezing in as much capacity in as little space as possible. Some feature built-in chargers or cables, a few focus on aesthetics, select models have multiple ports, and it’s a mixed bag of charging speeds.

In other words, you can mix and match things from the aforementioned features and come out with similar, yet different models. Jump in where it feels comfortable and pick something that suits your needs.

Limitless Innovations is a brand that produces smartphone accessories largely based around power. Wall chargers, power strips, and cables are a big part of what it offers and its back with another new product: the ChargeHubGO+.

An all-in-one portable power bank, the ChargeHubGO+ is a $40 unit that works with many of today’s top phones. It packs a 5,000mAh battery inside and houses a pair of built-in cables for Lightning and USB Type-C ports. On its main surface you’ll locate a wireless charging platter and on its edge is a USB port for plugging in anything else.

A jack of most trades, the ChargeHubGO+ packs enough battery to charge your typical phones up one or two times. If it’s a flagship device with a 3,000mAh (or larger) battery it’s obviously closer to one time but there’s still some extra juice in the tank. Should you have an older phone, or one with a 2,500mAh power supply, well, you can do that math.

As a device that takes up about as much space as a phone, the ChargeHubGO+ can go just about anywhere you do. It weighs less than a pound and easily fits in pockets, purses, and bags.

When it comes to charging, the ChargeHubGO+ trades off compatibility and convenience for speed. With a total output of 15W it’s not about instant replenishment so much as helping out in a pinch. Mix and match your cables and wireless charging however you’d like, just know that you’ll get 5V/2A at best. Wireless is rated at 1A/5W.

Understanding how much battery is left in your portable charger is critical. Pick one up that’s close to dead and you’ll be doubly mad when it’s crunch time. To that end, the four LED lights provide at-a-glance view of what’s available, or at least within 25% increments.

Charging the unit itself is as easy as plugging in a microUSB or USB Type-C cable. Both are present here and make for added convenience should you have a preferred cable that travels with you.


You can learn more about the ChargeHubGO+ at the Limitless Innovation website where it’s also available for purchase for $39. It’s also offered at Amazon and Newegg for the same price.

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