Carrying around a setup to ensure your device is always charged, especially when you’re traveling or out for the night is never convenient. The fact that companies are making a ton of money off of portable battery packs and external battery cases is proof enough it’s time for one of the tech giants (or perhaps this needs to come from an out-of-nowhere startup) to revolutionize batteries.

Until then, we make do with what we have and wait for the next product to help us keep our devices full of juice.

One such product is the ChargeKey from Nomad. Designed to mimic the exact size of the average house key, ChargeKey is small, flexible, and portable.

ChargeKey Nomad Single

The model I was sent for review is the Lightning compatible version for iOS devices. It’s capable of carrying 3.1 amps when charging, meaning it will provide enough power to charge full-size iPads. Don’t worry, there is a Micro USB version as well.

The material of ChargeKey makes it so it’s bendable and can withstand the normal abuse metal keys are subjected to on your keyring. With ChargeKey able to bend and move, it also means your iOS device will sit flat on the table or desk as you have your device connected. On top of that, it’s nearly impossible to always find a USB port or charging station that has a surface directly underneath it. As such, the ChargeKey creates a secure enough connection to hold an iPhone, while bending, without requiring you to hold your device the entire time it’s connected.

ChargeKey Nomad Keys

 I have used the ChargeKey for the last few weeks during my trip to CES, and around the house. I find it better suited for use when not attached to my keyring. Keys and a glass screen have never gotten along, and I’m too paranoid my screen will accidentally get scratched when I have my device charging via the ChargeKey. It’s small enough that it fits into a side pocket on a backpack, or heck even your front pocket if you’re really paranoid about a dying battery.

The only drawback that I can come with for the ChargeKey is that it’s not an all-in-one charging solution. You still have to either find a USB port (which is getting easier and easier) or carry around a wall wort to plug ChargeKey into.

ChargeKey Nomad

The Nomad isn’t currently shipping ChargeKey, but it expects to by the end of February, according to its website. The ChargeKey will set you back $25, or if you’re really creative you can offer to barter a service or good for a ChargeKey or two. Perhaps the best part of the ChargeKey is it’s warranty. Nomad states if your ChargeKey ever breaks, it will replace it free of charge.

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