Noise cancellation headphones are nothing new to the tech space. These devices have been around for quite some time now, and we’ve seen plenty of brands with plenty of options.

Phiaton recently released its 900 Legacy headphones, and I am here to tell you this is a brand you should consider.


The design of the 900 Legacy headphones is self-proclaiming. The industrial look and feel are very traditional with over-the-head bands and padded foam earcups. The band can be expanded to find that perfect fit for your head size.

The cups are well padded and have a comfortable fit even for long periods of use. At the bottom of each cup, you’ll find some inputs and buttons. On the left earpiece, the Phiaton 900 Legacy has a USB-C charge port, power button, and ANC (active noise cancellation) button.

This left side also contains a capacitive panel on the outside of the earpiece. These controls can be used to impact the volume by swiping up and down. You can also skip back and forth on tracks by a swipe towards the front or back of the panel.

You can double-tap the capacitive area to pause or resume playback. However, the more intuitive and creative way to do this might be just taking the headphones off your head. The Phiaton 900 Legacy includes a proximity sensor that stops and resumes your audio simply by the movement.

The right side is a little more devoid of options. Here you will find a single 3.5mm jack for an auxiliary input cable. Otherwise, the right portion of the headphones doesn’t have much going on.


The audio quality of the 900 Legacy is surprisingly good. This headphone has a great balance of mid and highs. More subdued tracks like acoustics or podcasts really shine thru these earpieces. You get a very crisp playback.

Bass is good but sometimes does overpower the other elements. Many might find this a positive, it does hinder the experience in my mind a bit. It’s not enough to make you disappointed in the Phiaton 900 Legacy though. The audio is very good overall.

It’s also worth noting that the 900 Legacy supports multipoint Bluetooth connections. This allows you to seamlessly move between devices without having to manually disconnect the headphones each time.

If you want to move from your PC playback watching YouTube, to your phone simply choose the Phiaton in your phone settings. No need to disconnect the PC first.


Endurance is excellent on the Phiaton 900 Legacy. The company rates these headphones at 43 hours of playback with the noise cancellation turned on. We found in our testing to actually exceed this mark. I clocked the total hours and finally depleted the 900 Legacy at just over 44 total hours.

Noise Cancellation

The active noise isolation of the Phiaton 900 Legacy is superb. Even with the ANC turned completely off the padded cups do a decent job of blocking out basic environmental noise. You can rotate thru the different ANC profiles by pressing the button on the left ear.

These profiles include ON/OFF and ambient mode. With it fully turned on, the Phiatons make outside noises seem like a faint murmur. I was impressed by how this stacks up with the $250 headphones. Ambient mode falls between the OFF position and full ANC. With this mode active, you get some frequencies such as conversation levels allowed into the array but still block more harsh noises.


The Phiaton 900 Legacy wireless headphones can hold their own with any competitor on the market. For $250 these pack a great balance of robust musical playback and active noise cancellation features. Add in the over-the-top battery life and you’ve got a real winner.

If you are interested in the Phiaton 900 Legacy headphones, hit the link below to purchase one of your very own.

Purchase the Phiaton 900 Legacy headphones from Phiaton.

Purchase the Phiaton 900 Legacy headphones from Amazon.

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