Keeping the floors clean in any living space can be a pain, especially when switching between carpeted and uncarpeted floors, and wet and dry messes.

I know that by the time I get done sweeping the floors with a broom and dustpan and vacuuming, mopping seems like the most daunting chore I can imagine. I’m also constantly finding myself forgetting when I last cleaned the floors. If I am being honest, their cleanliness is always questionable.

Proscenic F20

Like a superhero from planet Krypton, the Proscenic F20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner attempts to solve most, if not all of these problems. The F20 is a smart vacuum cleaner that boasts the ability to clean any type of mess or spill on nearly any surface.

It is similar in size, weight, and appearance to any typical household vacuum cleaner with which you are likely familiar. Notable differences include a water tank mounted on the back, and the replacement of the spinning bristles on the front of a regular vacuum cleaner with a soft cylinder that looks a lot like a paint roller.

The cordless vacuum sits in a charging stand with about the same footprint as a milk crate. This stand also includes compartments to hold the cleaning brush, extra roller, and spare filter that come with the vacuum.

Unique Features

There were several features that I used in the F20 that I would not have expected from another household vacuum, the first of which being the water tank. The tank not only exists but must be filled before using the vacuum. This is because the F20 uses water in most modes.

I find it important to note the F20 does not function by spraying water in front of its path of movement. Using the vacuum, the user does not see the water exit or reenter the vacuum.

After cleaning, the dirty water goes into the dirty water tank on the front of the vacuum. Upon returning the vacuum to the dock, it is important to run the cleaning cycle and clean out the dirty water tank. I forgot to do this one time and the odor the next time I used the vacuum was… not pleasant. Also, cleaning the dirty water tank can become a rather nasty job as well. If you have trouble unclogging a shower drain, you might struggle with this part of the F20’s maintenance.

The other feature that I was not expecting from the F20 is an app that connects to the vacuum and details your homes cleanliness for you. The app receives its own section in this review, but I wanted to put it here because it is not something I was expecting with this vacuum.

Cleaning Effectiveness

I use the Proscenic F20 to clean every floor surface in my apartment and it gets the job done quite well. The vacuum self-propels itself around my ~800 square foot apartment in under twenty minutes.

My favorite part about using this vacuum is that I am not forced to push the vacuum back and forth over the same parts of the floor to pick up every crumb. Typically, one pass with the F20 over each section of the floor is enough to do a fine job.

I also am really pleased with the vacuum’s ability to clean up both wet and dry messes. Not being forced to sweep, vacuum, and mop in the apartment is such a time saver.

Because the vacuum is always using water to clean, it does leave a slightly damp trail wherever it goes. This water dries in less than a couple minutes and is certainly not enough to slip on; however, it reminded me of the large, riding vacuums I used to see janitors at my schools driving around.

I also learned that it is important to finish the cleaning session near the charging station. The soft roller does get a little soggy during use and will drip a little while the vacuum is being carried back to the charging station.

One final thing to note is that long hair does get wrapped around the roller quite easily and must be removed by hand. Despite these slight hassles during use, I am very satisfied with how well and how quickly the F20 cleans.


The Proscenic App serves as a one-stop shop for all a user’s Proscenic devices. For the F20 Cordless Vacuum, the app keeps track of how long and how often the vacuum is used in each of its four modes: SMART, MAX, Sterilization, and Suction.

This being the only Proscenic device that I own, this is the only data displayed to use. There are also little achievements you can get in the app by cleaning more than a certain percentage of users. I found myself not using the app very often. It was neat to look at the first time, but it didn’t provide anything that I felt like I needed to see on a regular basis.

Final Thoughts

While using the Proscenic F20 Cordless Vacuum is not a flawless process, it certainly makes thoroughly wet-cleaning floors much more efficient.

If you’re somebody who regularly mops their floors, this vacuum is a must-have. If you’ve never mopped and only vacuum or sweep once a week, then taking the time to clean out the dirty water tank after each use might not be worth it to you.

After each use, the F20 leaves floors very clean, but the process has a few hiccups. The app may be nice if you’re into cleaning data but lacks much usefulness otherwise.

I think that the Proscenic F20 will become the go-to floor cleaner in my apartment and will likely give me motivation to rid myself of the clunky mop and bucket I keep in my closet.

You can learn more about the Proscenic F20 Cordless Vacuum at the manufacturer’s website where it’s also available to purchase for $399. It can also be found at Amazon for roughly the same price.

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