Features for the M2 speakers include:

  • Compact multimedia speaker system
  • Sold as a stereo pair (one active speaker, one passive speaker)
  • 2.5″ drivers
  • Additional rear-ported passive radiators produce full-range audio
  • Crystal clear high-end performance
  • Exceptional bass response
  • Side panel Power (I/O) button and Volume control
  • Includes speaker (integrated on passive speaker) and 1/8″ Aux cables
  • Rugged zinc die cast construction
  • Sleek, elegant finish

Coming from the company known for its speakers and microphones, Samson has its Meteor M2 speakers available for sale at a cost of $149.99. Should you consider buying these?

If these’s one thing you’ll notice immediately about the M2 speakers, its the quality aluminum construction. The pair of speakers are completely surrounded by an aluminum shell, and provide the look of vintage microphones to be honest. Not that this is a bad thing, I actually really like the look of these speakers, as they are very unique. The M2’s are compact, which makes them easy to move around should you need to organize. The speakers are also very easy to setup, with only one of them containing three ports; a port to connect to the left speaker, a DC IN port for power, and the auxiliary port for whatever you wish to play music from.

Obviously, sound quality is the most important part of a pair of speakers, and for the Meteor M2 speakers, the results were rather disappointing. Listening to many different types of music, I compared Samson’s Meteor M2 speakers ($150) to the similar priced Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 ($160) computer speakers, and the results weren’t even close.

Samson’s speakers provided great volumes for the music I played, with adjustable volumes on the speakers themselves. Samson’s instructions said to maximize the volume on your computer, then adjust the speaker’s to the desire volume. With everything setup, I just wasn’t enjoying my music as I had wanted to. With computer speakers priced at $150, I expect speakers that can push out some bass while holding onto the clarity of sound, but the Meteor M2’s could barely push bass at all. I have seen and used speakers around the size of the M2’s, and I know it is possible to be able to push bass much better than these guys can. A good example being my Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 speakers, being a little bit bigger than the M2’s, priced only $10 more than the M2’s, absolutely killing it with bass output. Not only do the Klipsch speakers by themselves provided better bass and clarity, the $160 package comes with a sub woofer!

I hate to bash the Meteor M2 speakers, because they are great speakers that provide loud volume, and mids that are easy to listen to, but when compared to other speakers priced very similarly, the sound quality doesn’t come close. Overall, these speakers have a great look to them, with their all metal design and vintage style, but sound quality could have been better for the price. While the bass was absolutely nothing to brag about, I enjoyed the speakers acoustic quality, as it sounded very sharp and clear. However, it is not right to recommend these speakers when there is much better options on the market priced very similarly.

You can check out these speakers here on Amazon’s page or here at Samson’s website.


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  1. Such as amateur comparing a 2.1 setup to a 2.0 one. This setup is for people with limited space. Tell us how the setup sounds for high’s and mids not Lows who cares about lows in a PC setup? NOTHING sounds good in the lows unless you spend 500$ or so on a sub alone.

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