Quick! How many devices do you own that can be powered or charged by a USB port? Now, how many of those do you charge on an almost daily basis? Okay, now add the number of devices your spouse or roommate has, too. Do you see where I’m going?

As someone who reviews smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets I am always on the lookout for a way to charge them up. This goes double when I have to travel. How can I most effectively take advantage of the few outlets in this hotel room?

At night I typically find myself charging my phone, Moto 360, and the Kindle Fire HDX. Every once in a while I have to juice up a tablet or two as well. Suffice it to say, the outlets in the bedroom don’t cut it. That’s where multiple-port charging stations and docks come into play.


I recently spent some time with the Satechi 7-port multi charging dock, putting it through whatever paces it might need put through. In short, I found it to be an excellent solution for those who need to power up multiple devices at a time.

Featuring three 2.4A ports and four standard 1A ports, the Satechi is perfect for charging any combination of mobile devices. Between my wife and I we never really need to charge more than three tablets. And, really, smartwatches, phones, and other gadgets are just fine to plug into anything overnight.

What I liked about this one is that I can place devices into the dock without having to remove them from any cases. There is enough space between each rack to fit a phone or tablet with a little breathing room.

The power cord needed to run the show is plenty long enough (about 6′ or so) and should be more than adequate to tuck behind a dresser or night stand.

If there’s one area that I’d like to see changed it would be to include a couple of short microUSB cables. It’s not a dealbreaker in any sense but I ultimately ended up ordering a 10-pack of color coded cables (seen in photo above) from Amazon. If you opt to use the cables you already own you might find yourself in a hot mess of cords.

The Satechi 7-port USB charging dock is available in white or black for $59.99 through Satechi’s website. You can also find it on Amazon where, as of today, it lists for $54.99.

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