We’re halfway through 2015, which means we shouldn’t be messing with things like cables for charging our portable devices. Along those lines, we shouldn’t be worrying about keeping track of keys, either. I mean, we can already start our car without a physical key; why can’t we do the same for our homes?


I recently installed the (Century Style) Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt Lock on my front door. The timing couldn’t be better as we’re actually in the process of removing the gold and bronze stuff that’s been in my house for ages. Out with the old, in the with brushed or satin nickle finish.

Admittedly, I am not what you’d term a handyman. On the other hand, I’m also not an idiot and can often work myself through installation or building of household devices. Also, I have previous experience with installing a deadbolt lock on my previous house so I knew what to expect — for the most part. Would a connected or touchscreen unit be any different.

Alas, installing the Schlage Connect proved to be just as simple as the standard locks you’d find at a hardware store. There may be a few more pieces included in the box but that certainly did not make for any trouble. All in all, I spent roughly 20 minutes taking out the old deadbolt and replacing with the new one.

As part of the “connected” aspect of the deadbolt, this one features a touch keypad for the outside. Simply press the SCHLAGE button and the door locks itself. To unlock, press that button, followed by the PIN. On the inside you’ll find a traditional knob to lock and unlock the door.

Just above said knob is another button which works with the alarm. See, there are four AA batteries inside the housing that allows for the touchpad to work. And, since it’s got a power source, the door can alert you (user-defined) to tampering, activity, or forced entry.

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It’s possible to create up to 30 access codes to the door so feel free to assign one to each member of the family. Indeed, there’s also a keyhole and an accompanying key which can be used the “old fashioned” way, too. Another cool feature – access codes that expire.

Although having a touchscreen is nice, the experience gets even better if you have a Wink Hub ($50) in your house. Should you, you’ll be able to use your smartphone or tablet to connect remotely to your front door. Yep, you can lock and unlock from wherever you are, provided there’s a data connection.


Having recently gone on vacation we gave a few friends some user codes to gain access to our home. This way they can stop by to check on the animals and bring in the mail without a key.

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  • Applications: Residential single family doors
  • Certifications: Grade 1 ANSI/BHMA certified
  • Keying: 5-pin tumbler, C Keyway, 1 key included
  • Door range: 1-3/8” to 1-3/4” (35mm-44mm) standard
  • Operating Temperatures: Outside escutcheon: -35C to 66C, Inside escutcheon: -10C to 49C


Using the Wink app I was able to to see exactly who stopped by and when. The app not only keeps a log of general activity but there are rules you can create for notifications. The app can also alert you to battery status, too.

In the few weeks that we’ve had the lock in place we’ve yet to run into an issue. Between my wife, son, and myself, we’re all enjoying having our own codes and one less key to carry around.

[list][item icon=”fa-thumbs-o-up” ]Easy to install (screwdriver only)[/item][item icon=”fa-thumbs-o-up” ]Simple to use[/item][item icon=”fa-thumbs-o-up” ]Very flexible and full of options[/item][item icon=”fa-thumbs-o-up” ]Available in a variety of colors and finishes[/item][/list]

[list][item icon=”fa-thumbs-o-down” ]Would like to connect to smartphone without additional hardware[/item][item icon=”fa-thumbs-o-down” ]Price might push some away[/item][/list]

With a cost of around $175-$200, the Schlage Connect doesn’t come cheaply. Then again, a quick check at Lowe’s tells me the average cost ranges from $250-$100 with plenty of models coming in even higher.

Would I have reached for one of these on the shelf or considered one for our house just yet? At that price, I would have slept on the decision. But, after having it installed, it’s already providing peace of mind.

I’ve come to enjoy the functionality and flexibility that comes with connecting to my mobile devices. When the time comes for our next lock replacement I will certainly scoop one of these up. And, after showing this to my friends and family, I can see the wheels spinning for them, too.

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