There are few things better than watching Netflix in bed, but it can be a pain to find the right position to watch it in without knocking an expensive device over. If you have a tablet and this is something struggle with, the Tablift may help alleviate this problem.


The Tablift is a device that props up your tablet into a position that allows to you use it without having to hold it. It has three slots that allow you to use your tablet sitting, reclining, or lying flat. It stands on four adjustable legs, and uses a clip attached to an elastic cord to hold up your tablet that can be shortened if you happen to have a small tablet. It’s also very sturdy and can be used on a large variety of surfaces, no matter how uneven they are. Furthermore despite what the first paragraph in this review implies it can be used for a wide array of activities (not just Netflix).


My Experience with the Tablift

When I first got the Tablift out of the box the legs were all folded up underneath the part that holds the device, and in order to set it up I needed to unfold the legs and adjust them to the position that I wanted them in. The whole process was uncomplicated, and fortunately for me the legs were a lot easier to bend than they appeared to be.

To test out the Tablift I decided to watch a couple movies to see if I could use it comfortably for a few hours. I found that at certain points I wanted to roll onto my side, and overall I’d it was very comfortable to use and I was able to use it for a pretty long period of time. Furthermore it definitely held the device at a good viewing angle no matter what position I was in.

The only problems I had with it were that at certain points I wanted to roll onto my side and the Tablift didn’t really allow me to do it without knocking the whole thing over in the process, I found that typing was difficult to do while using it, and I tested it both on an iPad and an android tablet and it seemed to work a little better on an iPad. At 59.95 it’s on the expensive side, but it is certainly good quality and very sturdy.

I’d say that if you’ve been looking for a good quality tablet stand that you don’t need to do a lot of typing with then the Tablft would absolutely be worth taking a look at.

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