It’s the holiday season again, and one of the more popular choices this time of year is wireless headphones. Every large tech company makes a pair these days, and there are plenty of popular brands. But they aren’t the only players in town.

Treblab is a lesser known name but consistently releases great hardware options. We’ve been testing the latest addition to its lineup with the Z7 Pro wireless headphones and these are another solid entry by Treblab.


The Treblab Z7 Pro wireless headphones have a fairly traditional design. These are over-the-ear canned style headphones. Each earpiece is a large padded cup that helps secure and keeps the headphones comfortable around your ears.

The outside of the Z7 Pro earphones are completely blank but the right cup is flanked with a capacitive touch area for controlling playback. Below this on the right side is an ANC profile button, power button, and Bluetooth sync button. This side also houses the status LED, main microphone, and a 3.5mm auxiliary port.

The left side is much less busy. Here you’ll find the charging LED and lone USB-C charging port. There’s not even a traditional Treblab logo on the earphone cans.

The earcups fold up for easy storage. They also spin around to allow you to set them down on a level surface. This adds two great ways to flexibly keep the Z7 Pro earphones packed away in the included case or your bag.

Touch controls

Part design and part function are the aforementioned touch controls. The right earpiece plays a little bit of DJ for all the options to interact with the Z7 Pro while playing audio. Many of these gestures will have double functions while on a phone call.

Play and pause are possibly the most used of these options and can be activated with a  double-tap of the touch panel. The same double-tap will answer and end a phone call.

Swiping up and down on the touch area raises and lowers the volume while gestures back and forth will replay or skip tracks. Holding the touch panel on the Treblab Z7 Pro will activate voice assistants or reject an incoming phone call.

I found these touch controls to be intuitive and responsive. There’s no excessive triple taps or small capacitive area to present a learning curve. The large panel makes for easy activation and the simple controls never failed me once.


Audio on the Treblab Z7 Pro headphones is just superb. The larger drives and sealed can make it better than say earbuds just by design. However, the mix of acoustics is very rich and balanced.

Treblab has found a nice combination of active noise cancelation, natural vocals, and great highs, mids, and bass. These headphones are some of the higher-end performers I’ve used recently.

Phone calls were also positively reviewed by myself and fellow callers. I held a few standard voice calls as well as Microsoft Teams calls on my desktop. Both instances presented no major hangups during those conversations.

Battery and charging

Treblab rates the Z7 Pro headphones for up to 45 hours of total playback. After using these for a few weeks, I’ve found this to be accurate. I can make it through a full work week without having to reach for a charger. It’s honestly been difficult to drain these headphones.

When you do need to finally top off the banks, the Treblab Z7 Pro headphones can be fully recharged in around 2.5 hours via USB-C. Quick charge is also on board when you are pushed for time. This will give you five hours of playtime back in under 20 minutes.


Treblab has a great option for over-the-air headphones with the Z7 Pro. These canned audio devices will live up to the companies claims with a rich listening experience, comfortable fit, and long battery life. You also get this for under $160.

While this may put it over the impulse purchase threshold for many, it still makes the Z7 Pro headphones a compelling option for those in the market for a holiday gift. These headphones can easily compete with much more expensive lineups from Apple and Beats.

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Purchase the Z7 Pro directly from Treblab

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