The new year always brings new devices to the market, and Tronsmart is doing its part to keep with the trend. As a brand that’s been in the space for years, it has been hard at work on its new lineup. Our friends there have allowed us to test the latest Tronsmart Bang speaker being released today.


The Bang speaker is built like a small tank. It has a very sturdy industrial design that should allow it to go pretty much anywhere. The device has a good ergonomic feeling handle and the weight seems balanced while holding it.

Each side of the Bang speaker is flanked by woofers that add to the boom of the audio. These also have an LED ring for ambient light that can be influenced by music playback. There’s another coinciding light bar on the bottom front of the Bang just below the Tronsmart logo.

The internal speaker on the Bang is powered by 60W of power. This boosts both the main speakers on the inside as well as the two woofers on each end of the device.

Tronsmart has made sure this is an adventure speaker for those that love to party on the go. It includes a 10800mAh battery bank that allows accessorial charging via the USB-A port on the back. You’ll also find a USB-C port but this is for charging the Bang speaker only.

Rounding out the back panel of ports is a microSD card slot and auxiliary 3.5mm audio jack. This allows you to truly enjoy music in a variety of ways and recharge your phone while on the go with the Tronsmart Bang speaker.

Some of the final mentionable specs are that the Tronsmart Bang is IPX6 waterproof and dust resistant. This should make it great for any indoor party or outdoor adventures.

Sound and controls

The audio experience on the Bang speaker was a little mixed for me. I expected this giant speaker to have a little more rich and bass-heavy sound. It’s not bad but I was disappointed that it didn’t provide more thump.

You can, however, tweak this more to your liking via the Tronsmart apps’ dedicated EQ. You can manually adjust the audio elements or pick from eight preset options. This is a good option for those more audiophile buyers to fine-tune their experience.

Speaking of controls, you also have several dedicated hardware buttons to interact with the Bang speaker and playback. On the top portion, below the carrying handle, you have an NFC, “TC”, “M”, volume down, play/pause, volume up, “SP”, and power.

Some of these you will recognize and others will need a little explanation. Starting with some of the more traditional, the volume buttons function the up and down levels with a single tap. Long pressing them for two seconds will move you back a track with the minus button and forward with the plus.

Pressing the play/pause button will start or stop audio such as music or podcasts. The same will answer or end an incoming call while you are connected to the speaker. Long pressing on the button for two seconds while a call is ringing will reject the call completely.

The “M” button will change between the different presets for music profiles. A two-second delayed press will launch your favorite assistant app. Both Google and Bixby worked in my testing, but you have to be a maniac to use Bixby.

The other two buttons are a little less intuitive with the SoundPulse (“SP”) and the TuneConn (“TC”) monikers. Let’s start with the SoundPulse. This ties into the other sound profiles a bit but offers a quick way to really turn up the bass and treble for what Tronsmart calls a more “rich” sound. The difference is somewhat dull to my ears but it does pump things up a notch.

The TuneConn is something that we’ve seen in other reviews, but it allows you to chain multiple Tronsmart speakers with this feature together for a robust stereo or surround environment. This would be great if you had a party in multiple rooms or a large outside space. You can then link the devices together and your party jams would be playing seamlessly on both units.

Battery life

Tronsmart estimates the battery life at 15 hours total with the LED rings turned off and the volume at around 50%. I’ve found this to be relatively accurate. I was able to kill the capacity on the Bang speaker on my first run in more like 12 hours but I was pushing it pretty hard with external charging my phone as well as playing audio.

Charging the Bang back to full can be done over USB-C. However, this is a slow 10W port so it takes some time to completely refill the banks. In my testing with the Bang, it took three hours or more to charge.


Tronsmart has a decent portable speaker in the Bang. The rugged design and built-in power bank make it a great solution for party-goers while away from the house. Its sound also makes it a good companion device while at home.

The Bang speaker is available today in the US. Pricing is $110 which sets it square in range with other speakers in the market. You can purchase it directly from Tronsmart’s website with the link below.

Purchase the Bang speaker on Tronsmart

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