Acefast Crystal (2) T8 Earbuds Review: Looks Great and Sounds Good, but lacking ANC

Wireless earbuds are improved and evolved more over the years, not only in terms of hardware-wise but also design-wise too. Brands are offering more attractive looks and great sound hardware inside the earbuds which is way better than the typical black and white earbuds. 

Acefast is an emerging brand in the TWS market and its newly launched Acefast Crystal (2) T8 wireless earbuds are simply awesome, come with an eye-catchy transparent design, and six luminous color options which catch our attention. Acefast sent us Crystal (2) T8 earbuds for review, let’s see how it performs in our test.  

I have been using the Acefast Crystal (2) earbuds for about one week now. The earbuds look good and sound even better but some must-have features aren’t there such as ANC. 

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 Earbuds Specs

The Acefast Crystal (2) T8 offers crystal clear sound with high-definition bass.

  • Battery Life – 7 hours (earbuds only), 30 hours (earbuds with case)
  • Brand – ACEFAST
  • Weight – Earbuds – 11g, Case – 47g
  • Noise Cancellation – No
  • Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.3 + EDR
  • IP rating – IPX4 (Earbuds and charging case)
  • Charging – USB-C


  • Beautiful light effects
  • Fast and reliable Bluetooth connectivity
  • Average audio performance
  • ENC for call noise reduction
  • 30+ hours of long-lasting battery


  • No ANC
  • No Multi-Point and Fast Pair support
  • Touch controls are not very responsive

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 earbuds: Price and Availability 

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 earbuds retail at $99 but are currently available for $69.99. The earbuds are available for purchase via Acefast’s official website.

Design and Build Quality: Flashy and sleek

The Acefast Crystal (2) T8 earbuds have a very unique design, unlike other earbuds in the market. The earbuds have an eye-grabber transparent design, you can see the circuits present inside the case and earbuds, which look great. Acefast may be inspired by Nothing’s Ear 1 (see our review) which also offers a transparent design but in comparison to Nothing, the Crystal T8’s charging case is more transparent. 

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 Earbuds Review: Looks Great and Sounds Good, but lacking ANC

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 earbuds have a digital battery indicator with mesmerizing breathing light on top of the case which shows the battery percentage of the case and just above it, there are separate battery bars for each bud that show the battery status of the buds.

The charging case shows the battery percentages in digits from 99 onwards and the “OK” word means the battery is fully charged (100%). In the market, you can see most of the earbuds come with a flip design which is quite a hassle to take out the earbuds from the case but the Acefast Crystal T8 earbuds are attached via magnets to the sides of the case which is fast accessible, and more convenient. It has a Type-C port at the bottom for charging.

Speaking about the build quality, the case is made of hard plastic material which is sturdy and offers a good feel in hand. The earbuds have a solid build, during the unboxing time the earbud fell from my hand accidentally but there were no scratches or damages. The buds offer great in-ear fits thanks to the curved ergonomic design which offers a tight grip enough to not fall out during a workout, walking, or other activities. 

In my case, I haven’t experienced the bud fall-out problem. Just use a proper silicone tip size, as per your ears and you never face this fallout problem. The weight of each earbud is 11g though it doesn’t feel heavy in the ear while using even after continuous 3 to 4 hours of use.

The case is compact, weighs just 47 grams and easily slides into your jeans pocket. Though there are no physical buttons on the case; it offers touch controls via earbuds.

Acefast offered six attractive color options for the Crystal (2) T8 earbuds- Purple, Black, Pink, Blue, Green, and White. All six options come with the same transparent design and a small LED light with their respective colors. 

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 Earbuds Review: Looks Great and Sounds Good, but lacking ANC

Talking about my unboxing experience which is pretty good, the design of the box is quite flashy. You can see the texts all around the box. Acefast offers a bunch of accessories with Crystal (2) T8 earbuds, usually most manufacturers don’t provide even the big players in the TWS market such as Sony, Apple, OnePlus, and many more.

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 Earbuds Review: Looks Great and Sounds Good, but lacking ANC

Here’s everything you’ll get in the box

  • The Acefast Crystal (2) T8 earbuds
  • Type C charging cable
  • Ear tips (Extra small, small, medium, and large)
  • Silicon Protective case with a rubber string 
  • User Manual

Hardware: Some must-have features are missing

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 earbuds lack some must-have features which at least you expect in $99 earbuds. Talking about the features, each earbud packs in a 10mm driver with an aluminum moving coil and a 6mm dome tweeter which helps to deliver an immersive sound experience.

The earbuds use the latest Bluetooth v5.3 + Enhance Data Rate (EDR) with support for AAC and SBC audio codecs though you wouldn’t get Hi-Res audio support. 

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 Earbuds Review: Looks Great and Sounds Good, but lacking ANC

Dual microphones are embedded with each earbud, so call quality was great for me at least in my testing and there is ENC support that ensures noise reduction during calls. Unfortunately, the earbuds don’t support Active Noise Cancellation.

You get an IPX4 waterproof grade for both earbuds and the case. This means the case and earbuds can withstand splashes of water for a short period of time. The earbuds boast a Laser Direct Structuring (LDS) antenna design that offers stable signals and strong anti-interference. 

Acefast doesn’t offer any smartphone app for creating custom audio profiles or managing equalizers or receiving firmware updates. There is no Fast pair (for faster connectivity on Android devices) and multi-point paring (for connecting two devices simultaneously) support in the Acefast Crystal (2) T8 earbuds.

Perhaps ironically, the earbuds don’t have in-ear or wear detection (which resumes and pauses the media playback) that feature usually found in any budget earbuds today. 

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 Earbuds Review: Looks Great and Sounds Good, but lacking ANC

There are no physical buttons on the case itself, so you can’t check the battery status of the case or earbuds whenever you want, at least you need to put the earbuds in the case every time.

The earbuds have touch control options that are easy to use, a single tap for volume up/down, a double tap to pause the media playback, and a triple tap to change the track. Sadly, you can’t customize the controls, which is a bummer, and they are not very responsive at least for me, and take a bit of time to register touches. (Yes, I do agree the touch controls are easy and more convenient to use but I’m not a fan of touch controls because it never works perfectly for me, may it’s just my problem).

Performance and Sound Quality: Good Sound and minor lags

Activating the earbuds is very easy just put out the earbuds from the case, and they turn on automatically and connects even faster thanks to the Bluetooth v5.3 connectivity.

In my testing, the Acefast Crystal (2) T8 earbud’s performance is good providing crystal clear and loud audio but there’s a catch, the earbud sounds too bassy which I usually like in most scenarios but in some cases, I don’t. The mids and lows are just average while the highs are decent. The bass doesn’t overpower the vocals, it’s well separated from it.  

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 Earbuds Review: Looks Great and Sounds Good, but lacking ANC

The earbuds lack Active Noise Cancellation which affects the overall music-listening experience but the quality of sound did come out pretty decent. The T8 performed well during an hour-long call with my friend, providing crystal-clear audio and no connectivity issues. For those who love rocking music, pop tracks, and Full of base songs these earbuds will be a good choice because Acefast focused on lower bass frequencies which offer a deep and powerful listening experience. 

During my testing, I haven’t faced any connectivity issues. There were no lags or dropouts when testing on an Android, tablet, iPhone, or laptop. Yes, it has one drawback- the earbuds can only connect to a sole device at a time because of the lack of a multi-point feature but thanks to its fastest connectivity options, the buds are automatically in the pairing mode as soon as you removed it from the charging case. 

Apart from the music, I also did some gaming with these earbuds. Though it’s not pure gaming earbuds, so you can’t expect a top-notch performance. While playing PUBG Mobile, observed a very noticeable lag which definitely ruined my gaming experience. The earbuds do have a luxurious look and attractive breathing light which gives truly gamer vibes. These earbuds are not built for competitive gaming but it is good enough for casual games.  

Battery Life: Lasts up to 30 Hours

Battery life is one of the important factors in any earbuds, the better the battery backup, the better the experience. Acefast Crystal (2) T8 earbuds are claimed to offer up to 7 hours of battery life at 70% volume on a single charge while the case lasts up to 30 hours. The charging case houses a 480mAh battery (which can charge the earbuds 4 times) while there is a 45mAH battery in each earbud. The earbuds have fast charging support with just 10 mins of charge it offers up to 2 hours of playback time.  

During my testing period, I found the earbuds offered me 6.5 hours of playback time on a single charge which is great and nearly equal to what Acefast claims it. But one thing that impresses me a lot which is, I was playing with these earbuds for around a week, and I didn’t even charge the case once. The earbuds don’t have wireless charging support and they can be charged via USB Type C, and The case takes up to 90 minutes to fully charge.


Acefast Crystal (2) T8 Earbuds Review: Looks Great and Sounds Good, but lacking ANC

Acefast Crystal (2) T8 wireless earbuds are indeed good for music and casual gaming and offer deep, crystal-clear sound quality with extra bass. The earbuds have a unique transparent design which makes it one of the best-looking earbuds on the market and mesmerizing breathing LED light embossed in them which also shows how much juice is remaining on the charging case (In the form of digits) as well as the left and right earbuds too. 

The overall sound quality is just average and you wouldn’t get Active Noise Cancellation and any high-bitrate codec support, only the AAC and SBC codecs. Battery performance is great, the earbuds deliver a long 30 hours of playback time on a single charge. If you are a casual user, then these earbuds definitely offer up to 2 weeks of playback time for sure. 

That said, there are many brands out there (Samsung’s Galaxy Buds 2, Sony’s WF-C500) which offer the basic features such as ANC, better codec support, wear detection, and Fast Pair support. The Crystal T8 lacks these and is priced too high at $100.

If you are getting around 30 to 40% discount during purchasing the T8 then and only then we can recommend it. Otherwise there are a bunch of options in the market you can go with it which offer far superior features. 

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