Maintaining a clean and sparkling pool can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive task. Thankfully, the Aiper Seagull Pro robotic pool cleaner is here to simplify the cleaning process.

This advanced device utilizes cutting-edge technology to efficiently clean your pool, saving homeowners both time and effort. With its powerful features and clever design, the Seagull Pro offers up a hassle-free and thorough cleaning experience for your pool. Let’s dive into (see what we did there?) the details of this innovative pool cleaning solution.

Efficient Cleaning Performance

The Aiper Seagull Pro is equipped with powerful scrubbing brushes, a quad-motor (dual suction, dual draining) system, this robotic cleaner can effectively remove dirt, debris, leaves, and even small particles from your pool’s surface, walls, and floor.

Its efficient cleaning cycle ensures that your pool is left spotless, allowing you to enjoy crystal-clear water without the hassle of manual cleaning.

Whether you want it to sweep across the floor, clean the sides and water line, or both, the Seagull Pro aims to please. It’s as simple as rotating a dial to your desired cleaning mode.

It’s worth noting here that the cleaner will not be able to traverse steps. Also, it seems to prefer hard 90-degree walls as opposed to those soft ledges that are often found in deeper ends of pools. It was hit and miss for us in two different pools when dealing with a curved bottom and kidney-shaped pool. Otherwise, shallow ends and places where there was a hard line to the wall, it was fantastic in getting up the sides.

Intelligent Navigation System

Navigating a pool can be challenging, especially for an older or lesser cleaner. The Seagull Pro is about the size of a robot lawn mower and can intelligently and efficiently maneuver about your pool.

Its smart navigation system also helps optimize cleaning patterns, reducing cleaning time and maximizing cleaning efficiency. For instance, when cleaning walls the cleaner will make ‘N’ shapes as it climbs the sides, retreats, and repeats. If you’re dealing with the floor of the pool it’s a simple back and forth pattern like typical robot vacuum cleaners.

Convenient Control Options

Controlling the Seagull Pro is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly interface. All you have to do is unplug it from the wall and rotate the dial to your preferred mode. After that you simply drop it into the pool. A few moments later it’s off and running. There’s nothing to mess with; just come back and retrieve it when you’re ready.

Effortless Maintenance

Maintaining the Seagull Pro is a straightforward process. The cleaner features a top-loading filter basket that can be easily accessed and emptied. If you’ve ever cleaned a pool skimmer filter, you know how it goes. If it were a car, you’d be lifting the trunk to remove it.

When it comes to getting the cleaner out of the pool, you’ll likely find it parked near the side. After approximately three hours of battery the Seagull Pro will automatically stop and rest. Snap the retrieval hook onto any of your standard pool cleaner arms and pick it up from the bottom of your pool. Hint: reach right under the name on the front side.

Energy-efficient and Durable

The Aiper Seagull Pro is well-built with sturdy parts and a compact design. The wheels feel similar to what you’d find on a lawn mower while the rotating brushes call to mind a car wash system. They soft and rubber-like and won’t hurt your hand should you accidentally have a brush with it.

The rubber cap that goes over the charger ensures water doesn’t find its way into the cleaner and do any long-term damage. With that in mind, there is a two year warranty for the cleaner – a bonus, if you ask us. And with up to three hours of battery life on a charge, we like that the cleaner stays up later than we might, picking up dirt and debris.


The Aiper Seagull Pro robotic pool cleaner offers an efficient and convenient solution for maintaining a clean and pristine pool. With its powerful cleaning performance, intelligent navigation system, user-friendly dial, effortless maintenance, and solid battery, the Seagull Pro takes the hard work out of pool cleaning. Spend more time enjoying your pool this summer and less time maintaining it and check out the newest product from Aiper.

You can learn more about the Aiper Seagull Pro and/or purchase yours for about $900. As of today there appear to be some promotions running where you can snag one for about $800.

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