Math can be a daunting subject of study. I mean, c’mon! It pairs letters and numbers for elaborate equations. One can easily get overwhelmed with all the complex principles found in mathematics.

What is Gauthmath?

A new app hopes to alleviate this anxiety. Gauthmath is an interactive mobile app that mixes artificial intelligence with human tutors to help students get to the correct answers. Its founder wants to bring educational services to a global audience with the Gauthmath mobile app.

How’s it work?

The interface is fairly straightforward. You are immediately dropped into a UI that resembles that of Snapchat. You then take a picture of the math problem tripping you up and Gauthmath jumps to action.

The app first tries to use its database and AI to find the solution automatically. I found that it was successful on all the equations I threw at Gauthmath. I snapped a photo and was asked to confirm the details from the image.

Next, it works some magic behind the scenes giving you a prompt to be patient. You then get a nice response that the app has your answer. Gauthmath does a great job of offering a step-by-step solution page for your equation.

Not only does it show the steps, but also offers some insight into the principles behind each line. You can see a drop-down arrow on each line that elaborates on the reasoning of the steps.

Now, what happens when you get a complex equation Gauthmath can’t solve on demand? Good question. The app then goes to a board of curated tutors. These mathematics wizards then send you the same step-by-step responses as the automated app intelligence.

There are groups, too

Gauthmath also has a dedicated Discord server to help students with like-minded studies join forces. The team promotes this as a great tool to get students to create private study groups or help one another fight through harder concepts together.

And it’s free

If you were wondering about the cost of the Gauthmath service then don’t let that make you look twice. The app and all included services are free. You simply create an account by linking either your Facebook or Google account and off you go to solving the world’s math problems.


The Gauthmath app is a nice niche product for modern students. From remote pandemic-friendly protocols to just children that live online, the app has a familiar interface that works for this generation.

Students will immediately recognize the UI and be on their way to solving complicated problems in a seamless app. It just works and takes almost no learning curve.

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