Sometimes you may be presented with a situation that has you needing to pull data from your phone for later use. Whether it’s a special conversation with a recently lost loved one or maybe you have a big presentation coming up with thoughts in a chat. Or you just want to have an offline backup of all your contacts. Droid Transfer from Wide Angle Software is a fantastic suite of tools to pull just about anything from your Android phone to your PC.

What is Droid Transfer?

Droid Transfer sets out to allow you access to your most common app catalogs on Android with the ability to sync them in some fashion to your Windows PC. Using their software toolkit you can backup your Android Messages, or export SMS and MMS to PDF, text, or HTML formats.

You can also transfer your contacts and calendars to numerous other platforms like Outlook or Windows Contacts. You can also back them up for easy transfer to your new Android devices. The same can be said for your music downloads on your Android phone. Droid Transfer can easily convert these to iTunes format to sync there.

How’s it work?

Droid Transfer by Wide Angle Software can work either wirelessly or via a wired connection to your PC. Let’s start with the wireless option, as this is the most common way most users will likely attempt their transfers.

After downloading the Droid Transfer Windows application and the companion app on Android, you need to launch the PC app. Here you will be presented with a prompt to use the QR code on the screen to wireless connect hassle-free. Afterward, you are ready to start choosing which data points you want to work with.


The wired connection is a bit more technical but nothing to be afraid of. You will have to put turn-on developer options on your Android phone and enable USB debugging. Once this is in place you need to trust the connection the first time you plug in and then your phone and Droid Transfer can seamlessly communicate in the exact same manner they would wirelessly.

Real results

After the initial setup of the connection type, you should be ready to go with managing your data from your phone. Other than having to accept the permissions on your phone when going from say Contacts to Messages, I had zero issues while using Droid Transfer.

I easily back up my SMS log to PDF format. I was able to export my Contacts in CSV format which can come in handy. I was also able to print my SMS history directly within Droid Transfer with full date and time stamps.

You can also use Droid Transfer as a wireless file management tool. I moved files between my PC and Pixel with little to no difference as if it were a normal drive on my computer.  The same is true for music. I moved numerous songs back in forth with no complaints.


Droid Transfer is a powerful tool to work with your phone’s data and apps. I can see many ways this would come in handy for users to backup, restore, and just archive Android app data. The interface and onboarding are intuitive and simple with a minimal learning curve. If you’ve used Windows default file manager, Droid Transfer should be a breeze.

Droid Transfer is free to download but you will be limited to only five interactions without purchasing a license. Thankfully, this won’t break the bank and is only $30. You can download the Windows PC application directly from Wide Angle Software and the Android companion app from the Google Play Store.

Download Droid Transfer

Download Droid Transfer Companion app

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