Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+ review

The Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+ vacuums, mops, and even empties itself with the included auto-empty station. That makes it an all-in-one machine capable of keeping your house clean and tidy with an easy-to-use feature-packed app.

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of reviewing the Deebot Ozmo T8 robovac from Ecovacs. Now, the smart home appliance brand is back at it with two brand-new models, dubbed the Deebot N8+ and Deebot N8 Pro+. Both models include the auto-empty station by default and are exclusively available from Amazon. Fortunately, Ecovacs was nice enough to send one out to us for review just in time for the launch.

User Experience

Setting up the Deebot N8 Pro+ was a breeze. Once I got the auto-empty station and bot unpacked and charged up, all that was left was to open the app and have it map the house. The little robovac wandered around quite a bit during this phase, but that’s entirely normal, and it had the first floor mapped within an hour.

One important step you’ll want to take though, is enabling auto updating of the firmware in the settings of the app. I’m not entirely sure why this isn’t on by default, but it can be accessed by tapping on the three-dot menu in the upper right-hand corner of the app. Then select Additional Settings, choose About Deebot, tap on Firmware Version, and toggle on Automatic update. This should ensure you keep the N8 Pro+ up to date with all the latest software.

The Deebot N8 Pro+ includes one of Ecovacs’s signature features, True Detect. With True Detect, the N8 Pro+ can identify objects as small as 2mm, such as pens, batteries, or charging cables from up to 32ft. away using its LiDAR laser 3D scanning technology. This is extremely helpful in aiding the little bot to avoid these objects.

If you’ve ever owned a robovac before and found it tangled in power cords or had it drag a lamp into the floor as I have, then this is a godsend.

Unfortunately, this valuable feature can also have its drawbacks. In my case, my home has some irregular tile flooring which often confuses the N8 Pro+ and causes it to skip rooms. Additionally, I ran into an issue where it got stuck between some furniture a couple of times.

If you happen to run into any issues such as these, be aware that simply toggling off True Detect can clear everything up. That does mean you’ll lose the benefit of the 3D scanning technology though, and you’ll need to create some virtual barriers to help avoid any cables.

A defining feature of the new Deebot N8 lineup from Ecovacs is the included auto-empty station. Many robovacs require that you purchase the auto-empty station separately, but with this Amazon exclusive package, Ecovacs bundles it in by default.

Having the auto-empty station makes disposing of all the dirt and debris the N8+ and N8 Pro+ pick up super convenient. Some things to note though, the auto-empty station is incredibly loud when emptying the dust bin, and you’ll have to buy replacement bags, which can get a little pricey.


One of my favorite things about the Ecovacs lineup of robovacs is the easy-to-use app that’s packed full of features. After using some competitors, I can say Ecovacs does a fantastic job of providing tons of features while making the app easy to navigate and understand.

The sheer number of features can be a little overwhelming, but here are some of my favorites. For starters, the virtual barriers, by using these you can set up areas in the house you want to be avoided. For example, rooms with rugs it can get hung up on, or areas with power cables or other items that can trip up the N8 Pro+.

There’s also an option to program in what order you want your home cleaned. So if you’re like me, and want the rooms cleaned in a certain sequence, Ecovacs has your back. Along with options to manually assign which power level to use in each room, and whether or not to run it once or twice. Otherwise, the N8 Pro+ will automatically adjust its power levels based on the type of flooring it detects.

Additionally, the Deebot N8 Pro+ allows you to clean multiple floors in your home, while also being able to stop and charge when the battery gets low, only to pick up where it left off thanks to the continuous cleaning function.

How Well Does it Clean?

Ecovacs says the Deebot N8 Pro+ includes a powerful motor with up to 2,600Pa of suction. As your typical consumer, I’m not quite sure what that means, but I can tell you that the N8 Pro+ certainly did a good job of cleaning the floors. I never noticed any leftover debris after running it, and it always left the carpet with that nice cushy fluffed-up feeling.

However, when it came to mopping, I wasn’t nearly as impressed by the N8 Pro+ as I was by its vacuuming prowess. While the Deebot N8 Pro+ includes a mopping attachment, it’s really more akin to lightly dragging a damp cloth over the floor. This works perfectly for cleaning up residual dust off of hardwood, linoleum, or tile flooring.

Still, it’s not exactly what I would call “mopping.” If there are any sort of spots on your kitchen floors, then you’re going to need to break out a real mop to do some scrubbing.

Battery Life

Ecovacs rates the N8 Pro+ for 110 minutes of runtime. That’s nearly two hours long, and considering it was able to finish the first floor of my home in a little under an hour, it was plenty.

I have no doubt that it will be able to clean the average or even above-average home with a full charge without issue. Even if it does run out of juice before it finishes, the continuous cleaning mode ensures it will pick up where it left off and no space will go uncleaned.

Final Thoughts

The Ecovacs Deebot N8 Pro+ is the whole package. It vacuums, it mops, it empties itself, and it includes advanced features with an easy-to-use app. Just be aware that the True Detect feature can cause some hiccups, and you can save yourself $100 if you choose to buy the N8+ model instead.

It’s the same great robovac with slightly less suction power and no True Detect. With a retail price of $699, the downgrade from the N8 Pro+ might be worth it to save a little money for some of you. However, right now you can save an additional $50 off the retail price when you apply the coupon on the Amazon page. 

Some other things to note, the mopping feature won’t replace your old-fashioned stick mop for spots and stains, and the included auto-empty station is loud with replacement bags that can get pricey.

Other than that, the Deebot N8 Pro+ is an incredible little robovac that helps keep your home tidy, while also preventing you from having to remember to empty the dustbin and making a mess.

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