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FIIL has a really good offering with its T1 XS wireless earbuds. For the money you get a lightweight design with decent sound, great battery life, and touch controls. Available in black or white editions, they're a modest $50.

Bluetooth audio has changed the way we enjoy media. Being untethered from our phones was quite a step forward in music enjoyment and personal usage. Then truly wireless earbuds came about and have taken that another step further.

A newer company in the portable audio space, FIIL, has stepped into the increasingly crowded market and let me sample the latest earbuds it has to offer, the T1 XS.

I’ve spent the last three weeks with the FIIL T1 XS and I have some thoughts. Find out what those are in this full review.


The design of the FIIL T1 XS earbuds isn’t earth-shattering. You’ll find familiar circular bud-style earphones with a silicone loop to help secure the buds inside your ear. Another silicone tip fits snug inside your ear to channel the sound while also keep the earbud comfortably seated.

On the outside of each earbud is the FIIL logo that doubles as a touch panel for some basic tap gestures. Around the other side of each are two pogo pins for charging inside the case. Otherwise, the T1 XS is void of buttons.


The FIIL T1 XS doesn’t disappoint on sound. I wouldn’t call them premium, but most truly wireless earbuds are more about convenience. These earbuds fall into this category. The audio is crisp and has a good punch of highs and mids. Bass does leave a bit to desire, but I’d personally take that instead of overbearing drum beats any day.

Calls are also solid while using the FIIL T1 XS. Both sides of the line had no issues hearing or understanding one another. I never had callers on the other end ask for me to repeat myself and vice versa.

One additional feature to mention is the music modes. FIIL has created profiles for pre-set EQ settings for different listening environments. This includes Game Mode, Music Mode, and Video Mode.

Battery life

Endurance is exceptional with the T1 XS. Each earbud is rated for around seven hours. I’ve found this to be fairly accurate. I can make it through most of an eight-hour workday minus my lunch break without reaching for a charger.

When you do need to recharge the banks, you can easily use the included charging case. Thankfully, this is capable of USB-C charging but does lack wireless charging. This allows for upwards of 25-hours of playtime.

One key omission is Qi wireless charging. In the current market most truly wireless earbuds with a charging case are starting to include this feature. The FIIL T1 XS misses this mark and I would love to see a refreshed model with this added.


The touch controls of the FIIL T1 XS are pretty straightforward. You double-tap to start or stop music on the left ear or the same combination on the right side will answer and end calls. Holding a tap on the left for two seconds will reject an incoming call. On the alternate side, you get to choose between the monitor modes for noise cancellation.

Single taps can also interact with each earbud for the FIIL T1 XS. While listening to music, the left earpiece will increase the volume. The right side would then go to the next track on a singular touch.

Lastly, a triple-tap of each earphone also allows the user to add one more control option. The left raises the volume and the right sends the audio to the previous track.

Additionally, the FIIL T1 XS has wear detection. This has a sensor that pauses and resumes playback when the earbud is removed from your ear. I found this works very well. Removing the earpiece immediately stops audio and then immediately resumes on inserting the bud back inside your ear.

Closing thoughts

FIIL has a really good offering with the T1 XS wireless earbuds. You get a lightweight design with decent sound. In addition, you get great battery life and touch controls. You also have a choice of black or white editions.

Finally, it comes down to pricing. The FIIL T1 XS will set you back a modest $50. That’s it. A fresh-faced President Grant will snag you a set of these earbuds. Even better, as of this writing, you can get another 15% off the retail price on Amazon.


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