Anyone who knows me will also know that I’m a huge fan of wireless charging. The convenience of a nightstand or desk having a charging method that doesn’t require me to fumble with a cable is always welcomed at the Allen household.

I’ve recently been testing the new Trio charger from Journey. This 3-in-1 wireless option is a great addition to anyone’s setup.

Versatile design

The Journey Trio wireless charging comes in two module pieces. The main “stand” allows you to charge your iPhone via a MagSafe connection and AirPods in the base of the unit. I can also report that the base charger works with any other earbuds case with Qi support.

The fun part is the modular USB-C connection on the back. This allows you to snap on another mount for your Apple Watch. The additional charger is very similar to the Framework Chromebook modules we recently reviewed. It uses a sliding mechanism to snap in place and power over USB-C.

The module is included in the box, but it’s a neat trick to allow this to be optional. Whether you don’t have an Apple Watch or you want to save space when not charging it every day, it’s a nice touch.

Power and daily use

The Journey Trio charger is powered over a single USB-C port in the back of the bottom stand. The box includes a USB-C to C cable, but no charging brick. While this is a trend with most mobile charging, it would have been nice to have the complete solution in the box.

Otherwise, I love this charger from Journey. The design makes it slim and very verticle to take up very little space. The MagSafe mount has an adjustable arm to allow you to swivel and tilt to your liking. It requires a minimum of 20 Watts of power but is capable of pushing 30 Watts of output.

The connections have been consistent and the MagSafe magnet is perfectly balanced between being stable and still able to be easily taken off the Journey Trio charger. This is a key for me moving forward with MagSafe home accessories.

I think if it’s a mobile charging option the magnetic connection should be extremely strong, but not so much for something meant to be stationary. I want to know it’s well placed and mounted, but I don’t want to jerk it off my nightstand every morning.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time using the Journey Trio 3-in-1 wireless charger. It’s a well-balanced option for anyone fully immersed in the Apple ecosystem. The flexible design and expandable Apple Watch charging make it a fantastic choice.

The Journey Trio is available directly from the company’s website. You have two color options: white or black. The MSRP is only $140 making it competitive in the intended market. Hit the link below if you’d like to place your order.

Purchase the Journey Trio 3-in-1 wireless charger from Journey Official

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