I’ve been a longtime SimpliSafe user. The company offers great, monitored home security that can literally be set up with no experience in a matter of minutes. SimpliSafe continues this lineage with the latest additions to its hardware: the SimpliSafe wireless indoor camera, 2nd generation motion sensor, and smoke detector/carbon monoxide (CO) combo alarm.


None of these devices are really breaking the mold of the markets they enter. The wireless camera has a dedicated stand that can also function as a mounting bracket. This allows you to position in multiple locations and orientations. One key addition is the mechanical, and motion-sensored, camera shutter. More on that later, but this is all tucked away in a compact package from SimpliSafe.

The same is true for the 2nd gen motion sensor. If you’ve seen the previous editions, the latest from SimpliSafe will be familiar. The company says the new sensor offers better installation options and adds app controls over the previous models.

Last, the new SimpliSafe smoke and carbon monoxide detector looks like you’d think. It’s slightly bulkier than the standard smoke alarm from the company and I suspect this is due to the additional sensors. Not only does this add CO detection, but the smoke alarm has also improved detection as well for pesky burnt cooking fiascos.


Getting all three of these devices to my system was damn near seamless. You will have a hard time finding any system with easier onboarding than SimpliSafe. The smoke/CO detector and the motion sensor are added with just a few steps via the keypad.

The SimpliSafe wireless camera is just as simple. You fire up the app, go through the prompts, and you are done. True to its name, Simplisafe has again produced a phenomenal setup process. It surprises me every time I add a new device.


The highlight of this new lineup is far and away the SimpliSafe wireless camera and the new 24/7 Live Guard protection. This adds a unique layer to video verification that the company has offered on previous-generation cameras. While post verification is still there for monitoring the recordings and offers critical details for prosecution and emergency dispatches.

So what does 24/7 Live Guard bring? This new monitoring integrates with the motion sensors and shutter of the wireless indoor camera. The new interaction offers the SimpliSafe team to actively see and interact via voice with the tripped alarm.

SimpliSafe is leveraging this new system to get real-time protection and deterrents of a threat. Studies have shown that just hearing another voice and knowing they are being recorded can cause an intruder to leave. I was able to test this a few times, hopefully without taking the customer service team away from real alerts, and I came away impressed.

When motion is triggered with an armed alarm, the video shutter opens and immediately records and offers live feed to SimpliSafe. I was then alerted via the voice of 24/7 Live Guard monitoring. From there, as a false alarm, I was able to offer that it was in error and avoid dispatch of emergency services with my safe word phrase.

The smoke detector and carbon monoxide combo are also great in practice. I decided to place this in the hallway just off my kitchen. I had a previous alarm here and at times it struggles with false alarms while cooking. I’m happy to report the new generation has yet to present this issue. Even better thing? I was able to easily rename my older detector and move it into our guest room.

The motion sensor is a motion sensor with 35 feet and 90 degrees of detection. The spec sheets claim it’s better at deciphering pets, but with only one small dog that doesn’t move around much, I’ve not seen much difference. I was able to pick up my daughter making a late-night snack run during my testing, so I’m confident it works as described.


SimpliSafe has been a disruptor of traditional home security for years now. These new devices, headlined by the wireless camera with Live Guard, continue this innovation. You simply can’t get a better DIY system in my mind.

The SimpliSafe wireless indoor camera is on sale now with option 24/7 Live Guard protection. The base price is $140 and I think it’s well worth the upgrade from the other cameras the company offers. Even if you don’t plan on taking advantage of the live protection, the added shutter and motion sensors are still a viable update.

The 2nd generation motion sensor and smoke/CO detector will set you back $30 and $60 respectively. This puts both in range of the market competition and should be on anyone’s shopping list who already owns the SimpliSafe system. Hit the link below to build a new system or snag individual devices.


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