Tronsmart makes great mobile accessories in an affordable fashion. For years now, the company has offered an alternative to big brands for users. The most recent addition to its lineup is the Apollo Q10 wireless headphones. We’ve taken them for a listen over a few weeks and would like you to join us as we walk through this full review.


Tronsmart isn’t setting a bold new trend with design. The Apollo Q10 headphones are pretty traditional in the design language. The headset is plastic, but still has a sturdy feel in the hand. Each earcup has a large dimple on the outside that showcases the Tronsmart logo. This logo can be used for touch controls on the right side.

Play/pause can be accomplished by a double-tap of the touch area. A swipe forward takes you to the next song, while a swipe backward returns you to the previous track. Volume levels can also be controlled by sliding your finger up and down on the touch area.

Otherwise, you have a swivel earpiece on each side that also folds up for storage. The only other mentionable hardware pieces are a power button, USB-C port, and multi-function button.

This button can be pressed to activate the voice assistant of your choice. Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, and Siri all worked in my testing. Press it once and you’ll be prompted by your virtual butler.


The first thing I noticed with the Apollo Q10 wireless headphones is how light Tronsmart has made them. Using plastics has made for a unit that really does go unnoticed on your head after a few minutes. I do wonder about the long-term durability, but in my few weeks I have no complaints or issues.

Adding to the comfortable uptime is the large padding on each earpiece of the Tronsmart Apollo Q10 headphones. They are of a synthetic material somewhere between leather and rubber and lead to a nice light seal while on your ears.

Sound and ANC

You can’t have a wireless headphones review without sound quality and to that end the Apollo Q10 do not disappoint. I’ve found the sound of the Apollo Q10 to be solid with a crisp balance of punchy bass mixed with mid and high feedback.

You also have Active Noise Cancellation available on the Apollo Q10. I found it to be comparable to other models. When turned on background noise is greatly reduced and the listening experience is much richer.

There’s also a hybrid mode that lands between full noise cancellation and normal. This allows you to still filter louder clutter, but environmental input from people talking, etc. may make it through. You can cycle through each option by long-pressing the touch controls for three seconds.


Tronsmart estimates the Apollo Q10 has 100 hours of endurance when being used at 50% volume. I’ve found this to be fairly accurate. I used the headphones for over two 40-hour workweeks with no issue or need of a charger. This is stellar battery life for the under $100 headphones.

When you do need an outlet to recharge, the Tronsmart Q10 has USB-C available with quick charge capabilities. This allows you to get three hours of battery back in just 10 minutes. Another great feature that many competitors simply don’t offer at this price point.


Tronsmart already had an impressive lineup but the addition of the Apollo Q10 ANC headphones round out the portfolio nicely. These audio phones will not disappoint for those looking to add a quality listening experience without dropping $300.

The Apollo Q10 headphones are priced at $99, but the company currently has them on sale for just $59 on AliExpress. If you’re in the market for headphones today, I’d act now before this 45% offer expires. Even after the promo is over, I’d still consider the Apollo Q10 worth the investment.

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