Promoted App & Game Reviews

Having an Android app is great but sometimes developers need honest, constructive feedback to help them see things differently. As a brand that has been around since the very first day of Android, AndroidGuys can provide the professional look at your app that it deserves. We are one of the largest and most trusted names in the Android space and have an audience that loves to learn about new and exciting apps, games, and products.

We’ve reviewed countless titles and would love to take a look at your app or game. Note that this is an unbiased review of your app. It’s simple – we do not accept payment in exchange for a favorable review.


Q: Do you guys only do paid reviews?

A: Absolutely not! We do app review reviews on a regular basis, many of which come from direct requests. Also, our review team handpicks titles based on timeliness, genre, and other criteria. The sponsored bundle is more of an advertorial review.

Our writers are always instructed to be unbiased. Sponsorship does not equate to higher scored reviews. In fact, a sizable segment of our sponsored reviews are kept private and turned over directly to developers with feedback and suggestions.

Q: How do we know you’re unbiased in your review?

A: More than half of our app reviews are assigned by a member of the editorial team; the reviewing staffers are never told ahead of time if an app is included in part of the sponsored bundle.

We also assign app reviews on a daily basis in an effort to keep them as objective as possible. Writers are allowed to, and encouraged to also select their own selection of apps or games to review.

Q: Do readers know the review is promoted?

A: It is our policy to denote sponsored reviews and content wherever applicable, including headlines and/or social media.