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Android for Cars introduces new apps on Android Auto, Cars with Google

Android Auto and Cars with Google built-in are imbued with latest and features to improve driving a safer experience for many. Now, developers, carmakers...

Android gets new features to help user stay productive, connected

Google’s Android, the establishment that continuously deliver new features for apps and devices worldwide has announced new features. These features are delivered in such...

Android brand gets a new modern look, 3D Bugdroid

Android is world’s most popular Operating System. Therefore, the brand deserves rebranding to a new look. According to the press release posted yesterday by...

New features arrive for Android and Wear OS

As the month of March gets underway, Android users are being shown new ways to connect their phones to their watches, laptops, TV, and...

Android releases new features ahead of holiday season

Android announced new features to wow users as they prepare for the new year. The new features will also be useful during the upcoming...
Google Android Auto Volvo

Google is bringing updates to Android Auto and to cars with Google built-in

Google is on a mission to provide you with easy, safe, and seamless access to your digital life while on the road. Google has...
Google CES 2022 news

Google adds Fast Pair to more devices and enhances connectivity to Chromebooks and Windows...

Google has been hard at work updating the Android ecosytem. With recently announced updates, Google is now focussing on making these devices sync, pair,...

New Android features for you to unwrap

Google is giving Android new features and updates to help you out this holiday season all while tightening security. From keeping you on track...

Windows 11 will run Android apps in collaboration with Amazon’s Appstore

Microsoft announced Windows 11 yesterday with the revelation that it would be able to run Android apps installed via Amazon's Appstore and using Intel's Bridge technology.

FaceTime calls are finally coming to Android and Windows….kind of

At WWDC, Apple announced a host of new features for FaceTime, including the ability for users to take calls via the web using Android or Windows.

You can now use Google Chat inside Gmail on mobile — here’s how

Google has recently added Google Chat inside of the Gmail app. Here's how to start chatting from Gmail.

Android Auto now has split screen

Android Auto sees an update for big screens that allows users two apps at once.

How to change your wallpaper on Android 10 in a few easy steps

Changing your wallpaper on an Android 10 device is pretty simple stuff, if you know what you're doing. Here are a few ways to go about doing it.

How to get Android 11’s coolest feature on your phone today

A new app called 'Tap, Tap' lets users double tap the rear of their phone to perform an action. It's baked into Android 11 but you can get it now.

Android’s file sharing Nearby Share is now live

Google's Nearby Share gives consumers a great option to quickly share links, photos, contacts, and documents with Android users instantly