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Android 8.1 Oreo comes to the Bluboo S3 with a brand-new feature (Promoted)

A major update is on the way for the Bluboo S3, as Android 8.1 Oreo finally arrives. This update also brings Face Unlock capabilities and is available now.

How does the Bluboo S3 stand up to the iPhone X and Galaxy S8?...

Today, we take a look at how the Bluboo S3 stands up against the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8 in a series of battery tests.

Five Android OEMs you’ve never heard of before

We've all heard of mainstream smartphone companies like Samsung, LG or HTC. But the world is larger than that. In this article we take a look at some obscure, but noteworthy Android OEMs.

Bluboo S3 leads a ridiculous anniversary sale from Bluboo (Promoted)

The Bluboo S3 is still going strong in its preorder period, but Bluboo, in celebration of its 12th anniversary, wants to thank its fans with steep discounts on some of its most popular phones. Hit the jump for details.

BLUBOO publishes its official BLUBOO S3 review video (Promoted)

BLUBOO is looking to go toe-to-toe with the Galaxy S9, with it's new massive-batteried mid-range handset, the S3. How does it stand up to Samsung's juggernaut? Check out BLUBOO's official video review to find out.

BLUBOO’s D5 Pro goes head to head with the Mi Mix 2 (Promoted)

BLUBOO looks to compete with Xiaomi's Mi Mix 2 with it's own BLUBOO D5 Pro - but how does it stack up to the Chinese Smartphone giant? Check out the comparison video here.

BLUBOO introduces new, innovative selfie solution with the BLUBOO S2 (Promoted)

Since its unveiling a last week, the BLUBOO S2 has been making some waves with its innovative - and perhaps gimmicky - flip-up camera...

Bluboo’s cheaper Mi MIX 2 alternative gets unboxed in video (Promoted)

Bluboo, a smartphone maker which has emerged from China in recent years – is preparing a Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 lookalike.Even though Xiaomi’s products...

Bluboo S2 aims to be a truly bezel-less smartphone (Promoted)

Bezel-less smartphones are everywhere now. From the Samsung Galaxy S8 to the iPhone X and Xiaomi Mi MIX – many companies are currently offering...

The Bluboo S3 is like a Galaxy S9 with an 8300mAh battery (Promoted)

With CES behind us and Mobile World Congress coming in the next few weeks, it's time to start talking about big flagship phones. Well,...

BLUBOO looks to maximize screen ratio with in-display fingerprint reader, flip-up camera (Promoted)

The buzz of the smartphone world right now is screen ratio - phones these days are making use of the taller, thinner 18:9 display...

Bluboo prepping its own iPhone X killer (Promoted)

As we should be surprised, Bluboo is readying a smartphone that has the look and feel of the iPhone X. Why not? It's a...

Bluboo taking fight to Samsung Galaxy S9 with its own S9 in 2018 (Promoted)

If you look back at the top phone brands of the year over the last decade, you'll no doubt find Samsung's name high on...

$50 budget phone BLUBOO D2 globally officially launches on 12/12 (Promoted)

BLUBOO has made something for a name for itself selling budget interpretations of modern smartphones; I've yet to see a BLUBOO phone crack the...

Review of the Bluboo S8+, presented by Bluboo (Promoted)

The BLUBOO S8+ has been on the market globally for nearly a month, and both customers and media consider it a beautiful 6" smartphone...