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Google Assitant got two new voices- Lime and Indigo

Google Assitant got two new voices- Lime and Indigo

Google has officially added two new US English voices Lime and Indigo to the Google Assistant. After a long time, Google brings...

Google enhances the vehicle experience with updates to Android Auto, Google Assistant

Google has updated the in-car experience for vehicles with Android Auto as well as those who use Google Assistant. Here's what's new.

How to add Google’s weather frog to your smart display

Google's latest experimental option for samrt displays lets you keep an eye on its Weather Frog. Here's how to enable the new setting.

Google Assistant is getting some new family-focused features in time for Mother’s Day

New features are coming to Assistant-enabled smart speakers and displays, including Family Broadcasts, additional languages for Family Bell, new stories, games, and more.

Google Assistant can now find your iPhone and order takeout

Google Assistant can now help you order takeout and find your iPhone.

Google highlights six features headed to Android this spring

Google on Tuesday announced a half dozen features set to arrive on Android in the coming weeks and months. A blog post...
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Todoist for Google Assistant redesigned for more ease-of-use

The redesigned Todoist for Google Assistant makes it easier to add, view, and complete tasks, even when the tasks have complex details.

Better Google Assistant integration is now available on wired headphones

Features once reserved for specific Bluetooth headphones like spoken notifications have now made their way to wired headphones on Android.

Google Assistant speakers and displays now support Apple Music

Google Assistant speakers now have support for Apple Music making it the fifth streaming music service to join the club.

Google Assistant can now schedule turning lights on or off, and more

Google Assistant can now schedule when to turn on your lights, coffee maker, sprinkler, and more. However, the feature is not fully functional just yet.

Mobvoi and LifeSmart collaborate to introduce the Cololight

Today, Mobvoi, the manufacturer of the TicWatch and TicPods, announced Cololight, smart LED panels produced in collaboration with LifeSmart. The Cololight are hexagonal panels that...

How to activate and use Google Assistant on your non-Pixel Chromebook

Google Chromebooks are constantly tied to Google's services. Here's how to engage with Google Assistant on most Chromebooks.
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Google Assistant now answers your Coronavirus related questions

Google has added a new function to its Google assistant called 'Coronavirus tips' which is a shortcut that could be accessed by either clicking...

Opinion: Amazon’s Echo products make Google Assistant look boring

While Amazon continues to innovate and produce creative ways to get Alexa into our lives, Google offers up only a handful of competing products.

JBL Link Bar review

The JBL Link Bar is the all-in-one subwoofer, Google Assistant speaker, and Android TV box but just how well can it do each of these?